April 9, 2009

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House Democrats Push for Increased Accountability

HB 2067 would require a regular examination of Oregonian tax expenditures


SALEM – The House Revenue Committee today passed House Bill 2067, which allows for an orderly review of certain tax credits not required under federal law or the Oregon Constitution.  With 64 such credits on the books, House Democrats have called for a regular review to make sure Oregonians are getting what we pay for. 


“We are in favor of continuing or expanding those tax credits that help Oregon families,” said Representative Jules Bailey (D-Portland).  “But, particularly in this time of crisis, we need to look at ending tax loopholes that are unfair or are no longer working.” 


HB 2067 would add sunset dates to those tax credits that do not already have one.  As the sunset date of a tax credit approaches the House Revenue Committee will see research and hear testimony about how that particular credit has performed.  The committee will then decide whether to keep the credit, expand it, modify it or end it all together.


“Every dollar we spend on tax credits is a dollar taken from education, healthcare or public safety,” said Representative Phil Barnhart (D-Eugene), Chair of the House Revenue Committee.  “It is absolutely critical that tax expenditures are reviewed as carefully as dollars spent on services.”


In the last decade, the amount of income taxes avoided through tax breaks for individuals and corporations has grown from $5.8 billion to just under $10 billion.


Both HB 2067 now moves to the House floor.



House Democrats Push for Increased Accountability