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Despite our best efforts we received another shock during the May Revenue Forecast.  The article below further describes the situation.  I am very concerned about the effects this will have on our basic programs; schools, public safety, human services, and the jobs of Oregonians. The good news is that our terrible 2009 is over and 2010 is looking better. 




Join me at 11:00 am on June 19th for a cup of coffee at Randy's Coffee, 1250 N. Main Street after the Brownsville Pioneer Picnic and Parade. 

Town Hall Meetings:

Small Cities and Rural Development Meeting
6:30 pm on June 23rd at the Coburg Fire Station
91232 North Coburg Rd Coburg

Join me and Vicki Walker from the USDA Rural Development division to figure out how we can best support our small communities.  Come find out more about the over 40 programs available to support community needs concerning housing, hospitals, economic development, and more.

The Economy of Tomorrow is the Education of Today
10:30 am on June 26th at the Hilyard Community Center
2580 Hilyard Street, Eugene

Help keep education a priority! A quality education - from the early stages through college - is the best way to build a healthy economy over the long
term. Join me, David Mandell from the Children's Institute and Joy Marshall from Stand for Children to discuss how to reach the economy of tomorrow through training today.

Business Resources Summit
9:00 am on July 14th at
Lane Community College Meeting and Learning Center, Building 19, Room 102

In order to jumpstart our economy we have to give small local businesses a boost.  In February the legislature did just that, passing the BOOST Bill.  Come find out more about that bill and other resources available for small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs.

We have put together an All - Star panel from Business Oregon, Lane Metro Partnership, Lane Council of Governments, LCC Small Business Development Center, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and Smart-ups.  Let's Get  Oregon Back to Work!

Holding Wall Street Accountable
10:00 am on July 31st at the Creswell Community Center
99 South 1st, Creswell

Wall Street fat cats have corrupted our economic and political systems and taken advantage of hard working people.  Join me to discuss how we can support our local communities and reinstate regulations to protect "we the people".  

Business Round Table Discussion

Legislative Report

The May revenue forecast was a grim and unexpected reminder of how terrible a year 2009 was. The Great Recession started in 2007 with the near collapse of the world financial markets. The collapse of housing sales and prices and general contraction of the economy and loss of jobs made 2009 worse than we had thought. This year, headlines like "Job prospects improve for new graduates," "Construction jobs increase," and "Oregon exports on the rise again, buoyed by tech" were starting to paint a brighter future.  State Economist Tom Potiowsky's forecast put a damper on our spirits, but we must not lose sight that the future is brighter than the past. 

The current forecast includes most of the 2009 income tax data which is due April 15 for most tax payers. The majority of the projected shortfall of $577 million comes from much lower receipts from taxes on the sale of assets than expected in 2009.  This figure indicates that the recession, which many economists believe is now over, was worse than predicted. 

Oregon was not alone.  Thirty other states also report significantly lower income tax receipts than expected.  Conventional economic modeling has a difficult time predicting some tax payer income because it is not actually reported until after the tax year is over on many individual and corporate tax returns. The effects of this forecast will be felt very broadly across the state.  But, as difficult as the budget challenge is for the state, our top priority is protecting middle-class families.

While we figure out what is the most prudent and least damaging way to deal with this shortfall we all need to remember what we have achieved together in this battle.  We added more jobs last month than in any month since October 2007.  Oregon is one of just 9 states where unemployment is lower than it was a year ago.  The reduction in Oregon's unemployment rate in the last year - down .9% - is the largest drop in the nation.  Corporate and lottery revenues are up, and with-holdings are on pace.  Compared to a year ago, we are in a better economic position.

Our battle is not over.  The whole country suffered greatly because we have allowed ourselves to become reliant on multi-national corporations that we have no control over.  The federal government cut regulations that protected the middle class.  We need to work together to restore regulations and support local Oregon producers and small businesses. Let's use our current momentum to create a new community-centered tomorrow.    

Come to four Town Hall meetings over the next two months to discuss how we can support our local communities more: Small Cities and Rural Development - June 23rd, The Economy of Tomorrow is the Education of Today - June 26th, Business Resources Summit - July 14th, and Holding Wall Street Accountable - July 31st.  Details located in left-hand sidebar.

We will work our way out of the Great Recession and be stronger for it. Our economy is producing more jobs, but needs to do better yet. Working together we can create a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

Speaking to students at Kalapuya High School

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