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Electric Vehicles

Oregon selected as 1 of 5 test markets for the largest deployment of electric vehicles.  Local businesses receive American Recovery Reinvestment Act Funding to research and develop electric vehicles and battery technology

Johnson Controls and Entek of Lebanon received $299.2 million to produce nickel-cobalt-metal battery cells and packs.

EnerG2 of Albany received $21 million to produce high energy density nano-carbon for ultracapacitors.

Cascade Sierra Solutions of Coburg received $22.2 million to set up 50 truck stop electrification sites and provide 5,450 rebate for truck modification and idle reduction technologies.


The latest Revenue Forecast provides hope that the free fall we have seen over the last year is finally slowing.  State revenue - which funds school days, public safety officers, senior services like Oregon Project Independence, and other programs on which Oregonians rely - has again fallen, but the rate of change is in the millions rather than the billions as we experienced at the beginning of the year. 

The General Fund budget for 2009-2011 is down $139 million in revenue raised from personal income taxes and is down $28 million in lottery funds from the already low May 2009 Forecast.  The projected revenue raised from corporate taxation remains unchanged. 

To balance the budget during the 2009 legislative session, the legislature tightened its belt and made $2 billion in cuts, passed some targeted revenue increases to protect vital services, and kept $395 million in reserves to cover further declines.  This prudent planning means that we can absorb the latest decline while sparing critical services from further cuts.

The new revenue projections are based on the assumption that House Bill 2649 and House Bill 3405, which modified personal and corporate income taxes, remain intact.  If these bills are not approved, the state would be down an additional $733 million in revenue.  These bills are complex and it has become clear to me that misinformation has spread regarding what the bills do and how.  I encourage anyone with questions about the bills to call or email my office or the non-partisan Legislative Revenue Office in Salem to get those questions answered.  The Legislative Revenue Office can be reached at 503-986-1266. 

Our economists have shown us a light at the end of the tunnel, but being completely out of the dark will take some time.  In the meanwhile we must continue to help struggling families, create jobs, make government accountable and position Oregon to succeed in the future.  Stay tuned!

We are back down in the District Office now that session has ended. You can continue to reach me by email at rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us, but to reach myself and my staff by phone please call 541-607-9207. Lastly we have set up a survey so you can easily provide us with your feedback on work this session. Click here to take the survey.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Mark Your Calendars!

Town Hall Meetings:
Tuesday, November 3rd
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Fire Hall
82781 Barbre Rd, Dexter

Saturday, November 7th
10:00am to 11:00am
Coburg Inn
91108 N Willamette, Coburg

Thursday, November 12th
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Sodaville City Hall
30723 Sodaville Rd, Lebanon

Saturday, November 14th
10:00am to 12:00pm
Brownsville Library
146 Spaulding Ave, Brownsville

Saturday, November 21st
10:00am to 12:00pm
Creswell Community Center
99 South 1st, Creswell

News and Updates

Update on H1N1 Flu

On August 21st the Governor hosted an H1N1 Influenza Preparedness Summit.  Businesses, agencies, and schools are being encouraged to create their own preparedness strategies.  Various presentations from the summit will be up soon here

Back to School!

Free Online Course on   Aging Well

Oregon State University in partnership with AARP Oregon launched a free online course August 25th. "The Mastery of Aging Well: A Program for Healthy Living" is a five-part series designed specifically with the older learner in mind.  It features topics such as Memory Difficulties, Medication Jeapardy, and Exercise Later in Life.  To get the details on the courses available and to view the programs click here.

Lane County College

Is a free program designed to give citizens the ins-and-outs of county services, programs, and operations. This 10 week course will be held on Thursday evenings starting September 17th.  Subjects include Property Taxes, Public Safety, Road Maintenance, Youth and Families, among others. Applications are do by September 4th.  Click here to get the full details.

Legislative Report

The 75th Regular Session has now ended. While our main focus was on balancing the budget we were able to pass some critical health, and environmental legislation that will help Oregonians live better and more safely in the future.

Conserving our environment and protecting the health and wellbeing of our families is crucial to our community's success. Field burning does not fit into this careful balance and we have suffered its negative impacts for far too long. Countless people have been forced into emergency rooms gasping for air during burn days, and in 1988 smoke plumes overtook 1-5 taking the lives of eleven people.  For these reasons I co-sponsored Senate Bill 528 banning field burning. After many years of falling short we passed the bill with a bare majority. The key to passage was the hard dogged work of Rep Paul Holvey who represents the Lorane Valley, South Eugene and Veneta. By 2010 Lane and Linn counties' grass seed growers along with those in seven other counties will have to use existing alternatives to clear fields. We will all breathe a little more easily. 

The legislature passed three other key bills this session to safe guard our health and our environment. Coal fired power plants pollute our air and water with nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, mercury, and other dangerous particulate matter. These dangerous substances have known links to cancer, birth defects, developmental disorders, autism, and asthma. Coal fired power plants are the dirtiest energy producers causing climate change, acid rain, and haze. We passed Senate Bill 101 requiring emissions from energy producers to be no greater than a natural gas plant. In effect the bill bans new coal fired power plants, restricts extending the life of existing plants, and prohibits new contracts procuring energy from coal plants. DecaBDE is a hazardous chemical most commonly used in fire retardants and is known to degrade into a carcinogen previously banned by the legislature. Senate Bill 596 restricts its use in products.  Lastly, House Bill 2186 authorizes the Environmental Quality Commission to create a low carbon fuel standard, reducing greenhouse gas pollution 10% by 2020. Every year Oregonians send almost $2 billion out of the state to pay for fuel, this standard aims to create local fuels that support Oregon jobs and investment. In Oregon, green energy production will pay for itself over and over as we import less fossil fuel.

We also passed bills promoting renewable energy job creation and investment. I carried House Bill 2472 to refine the Business Energy Tax Credit. The bill paired-down support of mature industries, in order to ramp-up support for new development and innovations, adding the manufacture of electric vehicles to the list of qualifying projects. The Governor vetoed the bill and I am considering what the legislative response should be in February.

Energy efficiency is the easiest and most common sense measure we can take to reduce emissions and ease our budgets. House Bill 2626 creates a loan program for homeowners and businesses encouraging investments in energy efficiency and sustainable technology. House Bill 3300 defines "Green Jobs" and tasks the State Workforce Development Board with developing a plan  to to create and sustain family wage green jobs.

It will require careful planning and will to get to a healthy, sustainable future. Your legislature is doing its part to get us all there!

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