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​Representative Phil Barnhart

Democrat - District 11 - Central Lane and Linn Counties

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1411    District Phone: 541-607-9207
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-279, Salem, Oregon 97301
District Address: PO Box 71188 Springfield, OR 97475

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my website. I hope to enrich your virtual experience of The Oregon Legislature by sharing a vision of effective policy making, responsive constituent interaction and good governance. I want to provide you, the constituent, ways to get information you need and to share your concerns with me.

During the last two years we have all faced challenges greater than we could have imagined.  Our ability to support one another, protect our community’s most vulnerable citizens, and work toward a greater tomorrow will be key to our success as a community.  No doubt we will encounter more difficulties, but I also know that if we stay strong and think creatively we will find a brighter future.

My top legislative priorities include promoting job growth both in the short term through being an advocate for small businesses that hire Oregonians and in the long term by working to fully fund our kids education, supporting struggling families, and creating more fairness in our tax system.

I want to know how you feel about particular issues that affect your family, your kids, your job and your neighborhood. Please write to me. I am here because of your continued support and I take your views very seriously.

Sincerely yours,


State Representative
Central Lane and Linn Counties

Legislative Report - Revenue Reform


Like so many past sessions, the legislature faces a huge revenue shortfall. Unlike most past sessions, we're talking about solutions to the decades-old causes of our perennial shortfalls. Early on, legislative leaders assigned small groups of us to work on different aspects of the problem. Now after weeks of meetings the bipartisan workgroups have revealed their recommendations.

Mid-Session Legislative Report


Mid-Session Legislative Report

We have arrived at the half way point of the legislative session. Spring is here, and if you have not had a chance to visit the Capitol during this time of year I would highly recommend it. Oregon is famous for its flowering trees lining the Capitol mall, and many are now in full bloom. On dry days, petals drift gracefully in the breeze. It won't be long now until they've all fallen down.

Many of the simple bills have been passed out of the House, leaving the tough bills for further work. In the coming months, the legislature will have to have tough conversations about what values and priorities will be best for all Oregonians. Some of the major issues that have come forth are clean energy jobs, the housing crisis, rising prescription drug prices, funding basic services like our kids' schools, and tax reform. I look forward to hearing from my constituents about how we can address these issues in a balanced and forward looking way as conversations move ahead.

Legislative Session Kicks Off



The 2017 legislative session begun in earnest on February 1st. We need to move quickly to build support for our priority bills and educate ourselves about the decisions we'll be facing in our committees. This session I chair the Revenue and Joint Tax Credits Committees, and serve on the Energy and Environment Committee.

There are many issues, both recurring and brand new that Oregon's 79th Legislative Assembly will wrestle with. This session I have responsibility for major revenue bills, which constitutionally must begin in the House. In addition, there will be a major push to move Oregon's economy forward while significantly reducing air and water pollution, areas I am working on as well. Finally, the ideas emanating from Washington DC have many of us focused on how to protect Oregonians from weakening federal protections when it comes to voting and minority rights, labor and workplace fairness, and the environment. 

2016 Session Adjourned

Rep. Barnhart's Legislative Report – End of 2016 Session


The 2016 Session lasted 32 days and accomplished much for Oregonians. To complete our work within the 35-day Constitutional limit, nearly all of the preparation was done well in advance, with bills introduced and assigned to committees before the session even began. While some worried complex legislation

February 2016 Short Session Legislative Report, 2/9/2016


By State Representative Phil Barnhart

The short session of the legislature is already well underway. We only have a month left to complete the business of the House this year and there is a lot to get done. There are still a number of bills in

December 2015 Legislative Report - 12/21/2015


Rep  Barnhart with OSPIRG.jpg

Rep. Barhart accepts OSPIRG's petition demanding action to stop overuse of antibiotics, Oct 22nd 2015

Dear friends,

With the 2015 legislative session shrinking in the rear-view mirror and the short 2016 legislative session looming, I'm hopeful for significant progress on the pressing issues facing our state this February.