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Legislator PhotoSenator Lee Beyer

Democrat - District 6 - Springfield

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1706
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-411, Salem, Oregon 97301


Welcome to our district's legislative website. I hope you find the information here useful, and I encourage you to participate in the legislative process.
As your representative in the Oregon State Senate, it is important to me to be as transparent and available as possible during this pandemic. Until April at the earliest, the current legislative plan is for legislators to work virtually and mostly outside of the Capitol building. Committee meetings will be held via video conference in digital meeting rooms that are accessible to the public, and only the final vote on new legislation will occur in the Capitol on the Senate Floor.  It is my understanding that most Floor votes will not occur until March or April, when we hope the Capitol will be open to the public.
During this time, I encourage you to participate in the legislative process by watching our committee meetings and providing either written or verbal comment on our work using the internet. As is the normal process, you can follow committee schedules here on the legislative website. All meetings will be broadcast live and recorded for future viewing. You can request the opportunity to testify before a committee meeting in the digital space or submit written testimony the same as during past sessions. To some extent, operating virtually will make it easier for citizens to address legislative committees without having to drive to Salem.
I always like to hear from constituents. I try to read all letters and emails and respond. If you wish to meet in person, to the extent time allows I will arrange virtual meetings over Zoom if you contact my office. 
Thank you for your understanding during this pandemic, and please stay safe.

Thank you,

Senator Lee Beyer

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