70th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--1999 Regular Session


                   Senate Joint Resolution 40


  Whereas immunizations are a proven benefit to individuals and
society; and
  Whereas an immunization registry and its associated tracking
and recall systems are designed to increase the state's
immunization rates for clients and to help prevent the spread of
the diseases at which the immunizations are aimed; and
  Whereas the Sixty-seventh Legislative Assembly enacted statutes
granting the authority and the support to develop an immunization
registry; and
  Whereas Oregon now has an immunization registry called Oregon
Immunization ALERT, which is funded and supported through a
unique and exciting partnership between Oregon Health Systems in
Collaboration members Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon,
Kaiser Permanente Northwest Division, Providence Health System,
Legacy Health System, Oregon Health Sciences University,
Adventist Health Northwest, the Oregon Health Division and the
Multnomah County Health Department; and
  Whereas the commitment and support provided by this distinctive
partnership is helping Oregon reach the Immunization Benchmark of
a 90 percent immunization rate for two year olds; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of

  (1) We commend the partnership that resulted in the development
and implementation of Oregon Immunization ALERT, which has the
stated goal of improving the health of the children of Oregon.
  (2) We support a long-term public-private funding model of
Oregon Immunization ALERT and encourage the expansion of
financial and organizational support for ALERT by including other
health care partners who provide or pay for immunizations in this
  (3) We request a copy of this resolution be widely disseminated
to hospitals and health systems, health care providers and

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                                Adopted by Senate April 29, 1999

                                       Secretary of Senate

                                       President of Senate

                                  Adopted by House June 1, 1999

                                        Speaker of House

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