Chapter 582 Oregon Laws 2003




SB 12


Relating to libraries; amending ORS 357.206, 357.209 and 357.212; and declaring an emergency.


Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:


          SECTION 1. ORS 357.206 is amended to read:

          357.206. The state shall provide financial assistance for library resource sharing activities to public, [libraries] school and academic libraries from funds specifically appropriated therefor in order to implement ORS 357.005 (2)(d), which provides for a statewide network of all types of libraries. The grants shall be provided only to libraries that make interlibrary loans at no charge to other public, school and academic libraries in this state and shall be expended for one or more of the following purposes:

          [(1) To reimburse a library that provides more interlibrary loans of materials to other libraries than it borrows for its own users;]

          (1) To provide matching grants and other assistance to facilitate the statewide licensing of electronic databases for all types of libraries;

          (2) To reimburse a library that serves as a regional center for the referral of reference questions from other libraries or provides reference services in connection with a statewide cooperative reference services project; and

          [(3) To reimburse a public library that provides more direct loans of materials to users of other public libraries than its users receive from other public libraries.]

          (3) To provide matching grants or other assistance to facilitate statewide ground delivery of library materials to public, school and academic libraries.


          SECTION 2. ORS 357.209 is amended to read:

          357.209. The Trustees of the State Library shall administer the provisions of ORS 357.203 to 357.212 and shall adopt rules governing the application for and granting of funds. Funds granted for reference services by one library for other libraries may be arranged by contract. [Amounts granted in reimbursement for the cost of lending materials must be related to the number of service transactions provided by a library to users of other libraries that exceed the number of transactions received by users of the library from other libraries to be calculated at least on an annual basis.]


          SECTION 3. ORS 357.212 is amended to read:

          357.212. Public libraries, established in accordance with ORS 357.410, school libraries or any academic library in Oregon may apply for resource sharing grants on an annual basis.


          SECTION 4. This 2003 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2003 Act takes effect July 1, 2003.


Approved by the Governor July 17, 2003


Filed in the office of Secretary of State July 18, 2003


Effective date July 17, 2003