Chapter 624 Oregon Laws 2009




HB 2666


Relating to perinatal mental health disorders; and declaring an emergency.


Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:


          SECTION 1. (1) As used in this section, “maternal” means the period encompassing pregnancy through one year after delivery.

          (2) There is created in the Department of Human Services the work group on maternal mental health disorders, consisting of the following members appointed by the Director of Human Services:

          (a) Public health professionals specializing in maternal health or mental health or treatment or research of maternal mental health disorders.

          (b) Medical providers and researchers with expertise in primary or family care, obstetrics, gynecology or pediatrics.

          (c) Representatives of hospitals, medical centers, birth centers and childbirth professionals.

          (d) Representatives of medical and nursing schools with expertise in the field of public health.

          (e) Mental health and addictions treatment providers who specialize in maternal or children’s mental health.

          (f) Representatives of community-based and social support organizations involved in providing education about, support for or promoting awareness of maternal mental health.

          (g) Representatives of private and public insurance companies and health benefit plans.

          (h) Representatives of vulnerable communities and cultures.

          (i) Other individuals the director deems necessary.

          (3) The work group shall, with respect to maternal mental health disorders:

          (a) Identify vulnerable populations and risk factors for maternal mental health disorders in Oregon;

          (b) Identify preventive measures that are effective, culturally competent and accessible and meet the needs of those most at risk for maternal depression and other maternal mental health disorders;

          (c) Recommend strategies for promoting public education and awareness;

          (d) Recommend evidence-based screening tools and methods for identifying maternal mental health disorders;

          (e) Recommend health care provider education and training;

          (f) Recommend evidence-based treatment, including social support services;

          (g) Recommend evidence-based practices for health care providers and public health systems;

          (h) Identify successful projects implemented in other states and recommend the programs, tools, implementation strategies and funding sources to initiate similar projects in Oregon;

          (i) Recommend private and public funding models for prevention and care; and

          (j) Identify actions to be taken by 2015 to reduce the risk of harm to women and their children related to maternal mental health disorders and a time frame for taking those actions.

          (4) A majority of the members of the work group constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.

          (5) Official action by the work group requires the approval of a majority of the members of the work group.

          (6) The work group shall elect one of its members to serve as chairperson.

          (7) If there is a vacancy for any cause, the director shall make an appointment to become immediately effective.

          (8) The work group shall meet at times and places specified by the call of the chairperson or of a majority of the members of the work group.

          (9) The work group may adopt rules necessary for the operation of the work group.

          (10) The work group shall submit a report with findings and recommendations for legislation, changes in rules, standards, policies and funding to the Legislative Assembly no later than September 15, 2010.

          (11) Members of the work group are not entitled to compensation or expenses.

          (12) All agencies of state government, as defined in ORS 174.111, are directed to assist the work group in the performance of its duties and, to the extent permitted by laws relating to confidentiality, to furnish such information and advice as the members of the work group consider necessary to perform their duties.


          SECTION 2. Section 1 of this 2009 Act is repealed on the date of the convening of the next regular biennial legislative session.


          SECTION 3. This 2009 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2009 Act takes effect on its passage.


Approved by the Governor June 26, 2009


Filed in the office of Secretary of State June 26, 2009


Effective date June 26, 2009