Senate Joint Resolution 50 Oregon Laws 2010 Special Session


††††††††† Whereas the State of Oregon has a sister state agreement with Fujian Province in the Peopleís Republic of China; and

††††††††† Whereas the City of Portland has a sister city agreement with Suzhou in the Peopleís Republic of China; and

††††††††† Whereas the Peopleís Republic of China is Oregonís largest trading partner, with $2.969 billion in exports in 2009; and

††††††††† Whereas over 900 million people on earth are native speakers of Chinese, making Chinese the largest spoken language in the world; and

††††††††† Whereas the next generation of Oregonians would benefit from having a working knowledge of the Chinese language and culture to increase their opportunities in the growing global economy; and

††††††††† Whereas Portland State University and the University of Oregon have been designated Confucius Institutes and are prepared to assist interested Oregon public schools in applying for and establishing Confucius Classrooms on all interested elementary and secondary school campuses; now, therefore,


Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon:


††††††††† That we, the members of the Seventy-fifth Legislative Assembly, in special legislative session assembled, request that the Superintendent of Public Instruction encourage Chinese language study by promoting establishment of Confucius Classrooms in Oregon public schools and other nonprofit language programs dedicated to providing Oregon students and interested adults opportunities to learn the Chinese language.


Filed in the Office of Secretary of State February 24, 2010