House Concurrent Resolution 0003

House Concurrent Resolution 3 Oregon Laws 2011



††††††††† Whereas soils produce food and fiber, recycle water, support lush forests, yield bountiful grain and nut harvests, provide range forage, sustain wildlife and foster urban development; and

††††††††† Whereas the State of Oregon and its citizens benefit from a rich and diverse soil resource that sustains agricultural, range, forestry and urban economies; and

††††††††† Whereas public awareness of Oregonís soil resource promotes land stewardship and soil conservation, which benefit future generations; and

††††††††† Whereas Oregon has many unique soils due to interactions of complex geology, varied climates and diverse biota; and

††††††††† Whereas the various soils provide color, texture and patterns to Oregonís landscape; and

††††††††† Whereas Jory soil is easily distinguishable by its strikingly red color on stable foothills; and

††††††††† Whereas Jory soil exhibits distinctive characteristics and features that illustrate soil formation, conservation and management; and

††††††††† Whereas Jory soil is representative of Oregonís diverse and unique soil resource; now, therefore,


Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon:


††††††††† That we, the members of the Seventy-sixth Legislative Assembly, designate Jory soil as the official soil of the State of Oregon.


Filed in the office of Secretary of State June 2, 2010