Chapter 447


      Chapter 447


ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Employment of journeyman plumbers to construct drain and sewerage lines, (1976) Vol 37, p 1404; nonprofit community action agency using licensed plumber to make potable water connections in installation of solar energy devices, (1979) Vol 40, p 134




ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Department of Commerce’s authority concerning plumbing, (1976) Vol 37, p 1243




ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Effect of decision of the county commissioners’ decision on an appeal from the decision of the county sanitarian, (1973) Vol 36, p 571




ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Authority of county commissioners’ to review decisions of the county sanitarian, (1973) Vol 36, p 571


      447.210 to 447.280


ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Applicability of the “architectural barriers” law to office space and other work and service areas in public buildings, (1973) Vol 36, p 514; application to low income housing financed under ORS 456.550 to 456.720, (1976) Vol 38, p 429