Chapter 706


      Chapter 706


ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Applicability of licensing and registration requirements under Bank Act to loan solicitation office operating in Oregon, (1985) Vol 44, p 378




      See also annotations under ORS 706.030, 706.060, 706.070 and 714.010 in permanent edition.




      Notwithstanding requirements of this section and ORS 709.030, savings and loan association was estopped to deny its authority to act as trustee where it undertook and assumed to administer and manage testamentary trust fund. Stephan v. Equitable Sav. & Loan Assn., 268 Or 544, 522 P2d 478 (1974)


ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Political contributions by savings and loan association or a credit union, (1974) Vol 37, p 144; Cash Management Account program operated by brokerage firm as constituting “banking business”, (1982) Vol 42, p 273; Investor-owned utility solicitation and acceptance of short-term interest-bearing investments directly from ratepayers or other persons, (1982) Vol 43, p 130




      See annotations under ORS 706.795.




      See annotations under ORS 706.410 in permanent edition.




      See annotations under ORS 706.460 in permanent edition.



(formerly 706.555)


ATTY. GEN. OPINIONS: Application to all state banks, (1976) Vol 38, p 58; adoption of regulations to permit banks to charge same interest rate on consumer finance loans as national banks, (1980) Vol 40, p 450; authority of Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services to allow Sunday operation of state banks, (1996) Vol 48, p 58