††††† See also annotations under ORS 16.040, 16.050 and 16.420 in permanent edition.




Under former similar statute (ORS 16.050)


††††† Motion to quash does not deprive court of its discretionary power to extend time for return of writ of review. NW Environmental Defense Center v. The City Council for the City of Portland, 20 Or App 234, 531 P2d 284, (1970), Sup Ct review denied


In general


††††† Where prevailing party requested attorney fees incurred collecting judgment, it was within trial courtís discretion to allow motion even though it was not filed within 10 days after judgment was entered as required by ORCP 68C (4). Marquez v. Meyers, 96 Or App 214, 772 P2d 437 (1989)


††††† Court lacks discretion to allow late submission of answer that should have accompanied motion for relief from default judgment. Duvall v. McLeod, 331 Or 675, 21 P3d 88 (2001)