Chapter     186.     State Emblems; State Boundary

                  187.     Holidays; Standard of Time; Commemorations

                  188.     Congressional and Legislative Districts; Reapportionment

                  190.     Cooperation of Governmental Units; State Census; Arbitration

                  191.     United States’ Surveys

                  192.     Records; Public Reports and Meetings

                  193.     Legal Notices

                  194.     Uniform Law on Notarial Acts; Unsworn Foreign Declarations

                  195.     Local Government Planning Coordination

                  196.     Columbia River Gorge; Ocean Resource Planning; Wetlands; Removal and Fill

                  197.     Comprehensive Land Use Planning I

                  197A.  Comprehensive Land Use Planning II

                  198.     Special Districts Generally

                  199.     Local Government Boundary Commissions; City-County Consolidation

                  200.     Disadvantaged Business Enterprises; Minority-Owned Businesses; Woman-Owned Businesses; Businesses Owned by Service-Disabled Veterans; Emerging Small Businesses



Chapter 186 — State Emblems; State Boundary











186.010     State flag; official colors


186.020     Description of state seal


186.023     Improper use of state seal


186.025     Injunction and civil penalties for improper use of seal; notice; hearing; judicial review


186.030     Record of description


186.040     State motto


186.110     Display of state flag and POW/MIA flag on public buildings


186.120     Payment of expenses incurred in displaying flag


186.130     Champoeg Historical Pageant as official statehood pageant




186.510     Oregon-Washington Columbia River Boundary Compact adopted


186.520     Compact provisions


Note    The following list of official designations is provided for the user’s convenience.




Agness, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Hood River, Jordan Valley, Medford, Richland, Oakridge, Portland, Salem and The Dalles designated as “Medal of Honor” communities or cities, HCR 1 (2017)


Beaver declared to be official animal, SJR 1 (1969)


Brewer’s yeast declared to be official microbe, HCR 12 (2013)


Chinook salmon declared to be official fish, SJR 26 (1961)


Clatsop Community College designated as Oregon’s Maritime Training College, SR 201 (2014)


Douglas fir declared to be official tree, HCR 5 (1939)


Dungeness crab declared to be official crustacean, HJR 37 (2009)


Happy Canyon Indian Pageant and Wild West Show designated as official outdoor pageant and wild west show, SCR 2 (2011)


Hazelnut recognized as official nut, SCR 5 (1989)


Jory soil designated as official soil, HCR 3 (2011)


Marionberry pie designated as official pie, HCR 19 (2017)


Metasequoia declared to be official fossil, HJR 3 (2005)


Milk recognized as and designated to be official beverage, SJR 8 (1997)


Miss Oregon designated to be official hostess, HCR 6 (1969)


National Honor and Remember Flag for fallen members of armed forces designated as official honor and remember flag, SCR 15 (2011)


Newberg recognized as Camellia City, SCR 26 (2017)


Oregon designated as Purple Heart State, HCR 30 (2015)


Oregon grape declared to be official flower, SCR 4 (1899)


“Oregon, My Oregon” adopted as state song, SJR 3 (1927)


Oregon Triton declared to be official shell, HCR 9 (1989)


Oregonite and josephinite declared to be official twin minerals, SCR 14 (2013)

Osprey designated as official raptor, SCR 18 (2017)


Pacific golden chanterelle recognized as and designated to be official mushroom, HJR 68 (1999)


Pear declared to be official fruit, HJR 8 (2005)


Portland Trail Blazers of 1990-1991 declared to be official team, HCR 10 (1991)


Reedsport designated as chainsaw carving capital, HCR 4 (2011)


Square dance declared to be official dance, SCR 8 (1977)


Sunstone declared to be official gemstone, HJR 4 (1987)


Swallowtail butterfly declared to be official insect, SCR 6 (1979)


Tartan with Secretary of State registration number 36406 and Scottish Tartans Authority ITI number 5743 recognized and designated as official tartan, HCR 13 (2017)


Thunderegg declared to be official rock, SJR 18 (1965)


Western meadowlark designated as official songbird, SCR 18 (2017)




      186.010 State flag; official colors. (1) A state flag is adopted to be used on all occasions when the state is officially and publicly represented, with the privilege of use by all citizens upon such occasions as may be fitting and appropriate. It shall bear on one side on a navy blue field the state escutcheon in gold, supported by 33 gold stars and bearing above the escutcheon the words “State of Oregon” in gold and below the escutcheon the figures “1859” in gold, and on the other side on a navy blue field a representation of the beaver in gold.

      (2) The official colors of the State of Oregon are navy blue and gold. [Amended by 1959 c.120 §1]


      186.020 Description of state seal. The description of the seal of the State of Oregon shall be an escutcheon, supported by 33 stars, and divided by an ordinary, with the inscription, “The Union.” In chief – mountains, an elk with branching antlers, a wagon, the Pacific Ocean, on which there are a British man-of-war departing and an American steamer arriving. The second – quartering with a sheaf, plow and a pickax. Crest – The American eagle. Legend – State of Oregon, 1859.


      186.023 Improper use of state seal. (1) Except as authorized by the Secretary of State, no person shall knowingly use any device, or possess any device capable of such use, to emboss upon a document the seal of the State of Oregon described in ORS 186.020.

      (2) No person shall use any reproduction of the seal of the State of Oregon:

      (a) In any manner falsely implying official indorsement or sponsorship by the State of Oregon or any of its agencies of any product, business, service or other activity; or

      (b) In any manner that subjects or exposes the seal of the State of Oregon to ridicule, debasement or infamy. [1983 c.325 §1]


      186.025 Injunction and civil penalties for improper use of seal; notice; hearing; judicial review. (1) In addition to any other liability or penalty provided by law, the Secretary of State may do one or both of the following:

      (a) Petition the circuit court to enjoin violation of ORS 186.023; or

      (b) Pursuant to a hearing, issue an order imposing a civil penalty upon a person for any violation of ORS 186.023.

      (2) A civil penalty may only be imposed under this section pursuant to ORS 183.745.

      (3) The Secretary of State may assess a civil penalty under this section not exceeding $500. The Secretary of State may remit or reduce any penalty imposed under this section upon such terms and conditions as the Secretary of State considers proper and consistent with the protection of the integrity of the seal of the State of Oregon. In imposing any penalty under this section, the Secretary of State shall consider the following factors:

      (a) Prior violations, if any, of the person under ORS 186.023;

      (b) The economic and financial conditions of the person; and

      (c) Whether and to what extent the seal or reproduction thereof was used or possessed for deceptive or fraudulent purposes.

      (4) In any judicial review of civil penalties imposed under this section, the court, in its discretion, may reduce the penalty.

      (5) All penalties recovered under this section shall be paid into the State Treasury and credited to the General Fund and are available for general governmental expenses. [1983 c.325 §2; 1989 c.706 §9; 1991 c.734 §10]


      186.030 Record of description. The description in writing of the seal of this state shall be deposited and recorded in the office of the Secretary of State, and shall remain a public record.


      186.040 State motto. The motto of the State of Oregon is “Alis Volat Propriis,” translated from Latin as “She Flies With Her Own Wings.” [1957 c.355 §1; 1987 c.848 §1]


      186.110 Display of state flag and POW/MIA flag on public buildings. (1) The person or body having custody of each public building shall procure an Oregon State flag of suitable size and a National League of Families’ POW/MIA flag of suitable size and shall cause the Oregon State flag and the POW/MIA flag to be displayed with the United States flag upon or near the public building during the hours when the United States flag is customarily displayed, except in unsuitable weather, and at such other times as seems proper.

      (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, this section requires the procurement and display of a National League of Families’ POW/MIA flag only with respect to a public building that has existing flagpoles or other infrastructure installed to properly display all three flags described in this section simultaneously, except that:

      (a) Any public building described in subsection (3)(a), (b) or (c) of this section that is newly constructed after January 1, 2016, shall include sufficient infrastructure to properly display all three flags simultaneously; and

      (b) Any public building described in subsection (3)(d) of this section that is newly constructed on or after January 1, 2018, shall include sufficient infrastructure to properly display all three flags simultaneously.

      (3) As used in this section, “public building” means:

      (a) State institutions.

      (b) All other state buildings upon which the Oregon Department of Administrative Services determines it is suitable to display the Oregon State flag and the National League of Families’ POW/MIA flag.

      (c) County courthouses.

      (d) All other county, municipal, school district and special district buildings upon which or near which it is customary and suitable to display the United States flag. [1953 c.474 §§1,2; 2015 c.185 §1; 2017 c.269 §1]


      186.120 Payment of expenses incurred in displaying flag. The necessary funds to defray the expenses incurred for such flags and for poles and appliances necessary in connection therewith and for the care thereof shall be paid out of the funds available for the care and maintenance of the public building. [1953 c.474 §3]


      186.130 Champoeg Historical Pageant as official statehood pageant. (1) The Champoeg Historical Pageant is proclaimed to be the official pageant of Oregon statehood.

      (2) The State Parks and Recreation Department shall encourage the further development of the pageant and promote increased attendance at its performances. [1987 c.831 §2; 1989 c.904 §51]




      186.510 Oregon-Washington Columbia River Boundary Compact adopted. The Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon hereby ratifies the Oregon-Washington Columbia River Boundary Compact set forth in ORS 186.520, and the provisions of such compact hereby are declared to be the law of this state upon such compact becoming operative as provided in Article III of the compact. [1957 c.94 §1]


      186.520 Compact provisions. The provisions of the Oregon-Washington Columbia River Boundary Compact are as follows:




      The boundary between the States of Oregon and Washington along the course of the Columbia River has not been easy to ascertain because of changes in the main channel of the river with a result that a state of confusion and dispute exists and the enforcement and administration of the laws of the two states has been rendered difficult.

      The purpose of this compact is to fix with precision by reference to stations of longitude and latitude the boundary between the States of Oregon and Washington from one marine league due west of the mouth of the Columbia River to the most easterly point at which the 46th parallel of north latitude crosses said river, at which point the river ceases to form the boundary between the two states.



      The boundary between the States of Oregon and Washington from one marine league due west of the mouth of the Columbia River to the point at which the last described point number of the boundary as herein determined meets the 46th parallel of north latitude at 118:DEGNB.59:MIN.10:MIN2..12 of the west longitude shall be as follows:

      Beginning one marine league at sea off the mouth of the Columbia River at north latitude 46:DEGNB.15:MIN.00:MIN2..00; running thence due east to point number 1 of this description, which point is at north latitude 46:DEGNB.15:MIN.00:MIN2..00, west longitude 124:DEGNB.05:MIN.00:MIN2..00; thence from point number 1 continuing upstream in the channel of the Columbia River by a series of straight lines connecting the following numbered and described points in consecutive order.


      Point          North   West

      Number     Latitude          Longitude


      1    46:DEGNB.15:MIN.00:MIN2..00     124:DEGNB.05:MIN.00:MIN2..00

      2    46:DEGNB.15:MIN.51:MIN2..00     124:DEGNB.02:MIN.02:MIN2..75

      3    46:DEGNB.16:MIN.17:MIN2..00     124:DEGNB.01:MIN.45:MIN2..80

      4    46:DEGNB.16:MIN.59:MIN2..50     124:DEGNB.02:MIN.14:MIN2..40

      5    46:DEGNB.17:MIN.28:MIN2..00     124:DEGNB.02:MIN.07:MIN2..00

      6    46:DEGNB.17:MIN.33:MIN2..25     124:DEGNB.01:MIN.12:MIN2..25

      7    46:DEGNB.16:MIN.41:MIN2..50     124:DEGNB.00:MIN.00:MIN2..00

      8    46:DEGNB.16:MIN.03:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.58:MIN.11:MIN2..80

      9    46:DEGNB.14:MIN.19:MIN2..80     123:DEGNB.55:MIN.42:MIN2..00

      10  46:DEGNB.14:MIN.06:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.52:MIN.14:MIN2..50

      11  46:DEGNB.16:MIN.09:MIN2..50     123:DEGNB.44:MIN.20:MIN2..50

      12  46:DEGNB.15:MIN.01:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.41:MIN.12:MIN2..70

      13  46:DEGNB.15:MIN.33:MIN2..30     123:DEGNB.38:MIN.52:MIN2..80

      14  46:DEGNB.15:MIN.23:MIN2..90     123:DEGNB.35:MIN.05:MIN2..00

      15  46:DEGNB.15:MIN.38:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.32:MIN.23:MIN2..00

      16  46:DEGNB.16:MIN.14:MIN2..60     123:DEGNB.30:MIN.00:MIN2..00

      17  46:DEGNB.15:MIN.46:MIN2..70     123:DEGNB.27:MIN.51:MIN2..40

      18  46:DEGNB.14:MIN.23:MIN2..50     123:DEGNB.25:MIN.51:MIN2..60

      19  46:DEGNB.13:MIN.10:MIN2..50     123:DEGNB.25:MIN.20:MIN2..50

      20  46:DEGNB.11:MIN.29:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.25:MIN.43:MIN2..60

      21  46:DEGNB.10:MIN.47:MIN2..80     123:DEGNB.25:MIN.38:MIN2..00

      22  46:DEGNB.09:MIN.01:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.23:MIN.21:MIN2..50

      23  46:DEGNB.08:MIN.33:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.18:MIN.45:MIN2..60

      24  46:DEGNB.09:MIN.04:MIN2..50     123:DEGNB.15:MIN.47:MIN2..20

      25  46:DEGNB.10:MIN.00:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.13:MIN.51:MIN2..20

      26  46:DEGNB.11:MIN.20:MIN2..80     123:DEGNB.09:MIN.55:MIN2..50

      27  46:DEGNB.11:MIN.11:MIN2..30     123:DEGNB.07:MIN.10:MIN2..90

      28  46:DEGNB.09:MIN.40:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.04:MIN.23:MIN2..50

      29  46:DEGNB.09:MIN.24:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.03:MIN.22:MIN2..40

      30  46:DEGNB.08:MIN.38:MIN2..40     123:DEGNB.02:MIN.00:MIN2..00

      31  46:DEGNB.08:MIN.06:MIN2..00     123:DEGNB.00:MIN.16:MIN2..00

      32  46:DEGNB.06:MIN.20:MIN2..02     122:DEGNB.57:MIN.44:MIN2..28

      33  46:DEGNB.06:MIN.17:MIN2..36     122:DEGNB.57:MIN.38:MIN2..295


Description of Location of Point Number 33: A point on the center line of the Longview Bridge at

center of main span.


      34  46:DEGNB.06:MIN.14:MIN2..71     122:DEGNB.57:MIN.32:MIN2..31

      35  46:DEGNB.05:MIN.02:MIN2..70     122:DEGNB.54:MIN.11:MIN2..00

      36  46:DEGNB.03:MIN.37:MIN2..50     122:DEGNB.52:MIN.59:MIN2..50

      37  46:DEGNB.01:MIN.53:MIN2..50     122:DEGNB.52:MIN.35:MIN2..50

      38  46:DEGNB.00:MIN.52:MIN2..25     122:DEGNB.51:MIN.17:MIN2..20

      39  45:DEGNB.58:MIN.52:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.50:MIN.11:MIN2..80

      40  45:DEGNB.57:MIN.40:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.48:MIN.46:MIN2..80

      41  45:DEGNB.55:MIN.57:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.48:MIN.18:MIN2..00

      42  45:DEGNB.54:MIN.47:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.48:MIN.36:MIN2..75

      43  45:DEGNB.53:MIN.05:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.47:MIN.48:MIN2..30

      44  45:DEGNB.52:MIN.06:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.47:MIN.01:MIN2..50

      45  45:DEGNB.50:MIN.40:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.47:MIN.04:MIN2..50

      46  45:DEGNB.49:MIN.31:MIN2..20     122:DEGNB.47:MIN.41:MIN2..00

      47  45:DEGNB.48:MIN.37:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.47:MIN.40:MIN2..00

      48  45:DEGNB.46:MIN.51:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.46:MIN.06:MIN2..30

      49  45:DEGNB.45:MIN.34:MIN2..20     122:DEGNB.45:MIN.37:MIN2..00

      50  45:DEGNB.44:MIN.04:MIN2..70     122:DEGNB.45:MIN.32:MIN2..00

      51  45:DEGNB.42:MIN.05:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.46:MIN.16:MIN2..00

      52  45:DEGNB.40:MIN.50:MIN2..80     122:DEGNB.46:MIN.24:MIN2..00

      53  45:DEGNB.39:MIN.26:MIN2..75     122:DEGNB.45:MIN.46:MIN2..00

      54  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.40:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.44:MIN.13:MIN2..00

      55  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.17:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.42:MIN.47:MIN2..50

      56  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.35:MIN2..37     122:DEGNB.41:MIN.35:MIN2..14

      57  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.29:MIN2..47     122:DEGNB.41:MIN.23:MIN2..855


Description of Location of Point Number 57: A point on the center line of Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge across Columbia River, which point is at center of 3rd pier south of the draw span.


      58  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.26:MIN2..52     122:DEGNB.41:MIN.18:MIN2..215

      59  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.07:MIN2..85     122:DEGNB.40:MIN.33:MIN2..42

      60  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.05:MIN2..938   122:DEGNB.40:MIN.26:MIN2..939


Description of Location of Point Number 60: A point on the center line of the west highway bridge crossing the Columbia River between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, said point being 12.0 ft. south from the center of pier No. 6 of said bridge.


      61  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.05:MIN2..62     122:DEGNB.40:MIN.25:MIN2..86


Description of Location of Point Number 61: A point on the center line of the east highway bridge crossing the Columbia River between Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, said point being 12.0 ft. south from the center of pier No. 6 of said bridge.


      62  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.03:MIN2..71     122:DEGNB.40:MIN.19:MIN2..38

      63  45:DEGNB.36:MIN.34:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.38:MIN.27:MIN2..00

      64  45:DEGNB.36:MIN.29:MIN2..80     122:DEGNB.36:MIN.21:MIN2..30

      65  45:DEGNB.36:MIN.20:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.35:MIN.20:MIN2..00

      66  45:DEGNB.35:MIN.47:MIN2..90     122:DEGNB.32:MIN.48:MIN2..00

      67  45:DEGNB.35:MIN.23:MIN2..50     122:DEGNB.31:MIN.24:MIN2..20

      68  45:DEGNB.35:MIN.01:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.29:MIN.30:MIN2..00

      69  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.42:MIN2..80     122:DEGNB.28:MIN.20:MIN2..50

      70  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.03:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.27:MIN.09:MIN2..30

      71  45:DEGNB.33:MIN.49:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.26:MIN.15:MIN2..80

      72  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.03:MIN2..30     122:DEGNB.24:MIN.36:MIN2..50

      73  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.29:MIN2..50     122:DEGNB.23:MIN.25:MIN2..80

      74  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.33:MIN2..40     122:DEGNB.22:MIN.44:MIN2..00

      75  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.10:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.21:MIN.04:MIN2..00

      76  45:DEGNB.32:MIN.55:MIN2..20     122:DEGNB.19:MIN.49:MIN2..00

      77  45:DEGNB.32:MIN.38:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.17:MIN.43:MIN2..70

      78  45:DEGNB.32:MIN.38:MIN2..80     122:DEGNB.15:MIN.56:MIN2..70

      79  45:DEGNB.33:MIN.03:MIN2..25     122:DEGNB.14:MIN.24:MIN2..50

      80  45:DEGNB.33:MIN.55:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.11:MIN.58:MIN2..50

      81  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.37:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.10:MIN.54:MIN2..00

      82  45:DEGNB.35:MIN.03:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.08:MIN.25:MIN2..50

      83  45:DEGNB.34:MIN.53:MIN2..40     122:DEGNB.06:MIN.40:MIN2..00

      84  45:DEGNB.35:MIN.00:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.06:MIN.02:MIN2..00

      85  45:DEGNB.36:MIN.35:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.02:MIN.35:MIN2..00

      86  45:DEGNB.36:MIN.53:MIN2..80     122:DEGNB.01:MIN.11:MIN2..50

      87  45:DEGNB.36:MIN.58:MIN2..00     122:DEGNB.00:MIN.08:MIN2..50

      88  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.23:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.58:MIN.54:MIN2..50

      89  45:DEGNB.37:MIN.59:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.57:MIN.42:MIN2..80

      90  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.37:MIN2..50     121:DEGNB.57:MIN.16:MIN2..50

      91  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.42:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.57:MIN.01:MIN2..80

      92  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.40:MIN2..35     121:DEGNB.56:MIN.37:MIN2..34

      93  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.40:MIN2..13     121:DEGNB.56:MIN.22:MIN2..57


Description of Location of Point Number 93: A point at the intersection of the axis of Bonneville Dam and the center line of center pier of the spillway of said dam.


      94  45:DEGNB.38:MIN.39:MIN2..82     121:DEGNB.56:MIN.01:MIN2..46

      95  45:DEGNB.39:MIN.17:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.54:MIN.25:MIN2..00

      96  45:DEGNB.39:MIN.43:MIN2..85     121:DEGNB.53:MIN.58:MIN2..48


Description of Location of Point Number 96: A point on center line of bridge at Cascade Locks, known as “The Bridge of the Gods” and in the center of the main span of said bridge.


      97  45:DEGNB.39:MIN.44:MIN2..81     121:DEGNB.53:MIN.58:MIN2..16

      98  45:DEGNB.39:MIN.45:MIN2..77     121:DEGNB.53:MIN.57:MIN2..84

      99  45:DEGNB.40:MIN.15:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.54:MIN.02:MIN2..00

      100            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.36:MIN2..80     121:DEGNB.51:MIN.57:MIN2..00

      101            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.24:MIN2..75     121:DEGNB.48:MIN.36:MIN2..00

      102            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.39:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.44:MIN.02:MIN2..00

      103            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.42:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.42:MIN.22:MIN2..00

      104            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.19:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.40:MIN.02:MIN2..00

      105            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.17:MIN2..50     121:DEGNB.37:MIN.48:MIN2..50

      106            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.36:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.31:MIN.54:MIN2..30

      107            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.15:MIN2..275   121:DEGNB.29:MIN.52:MIN2..445

      108            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.07:MIN2..02     121:DEGNB.29:MIN.36:MIN2..615


Description of Location of Point Number 108: A point on the center line of the Hood River Bridge at the center of the draw span of said bridge.


      109            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.04:MIN2..075   121:DEGNB.29:MIN.30:MIN2..96

      110            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.05:MIN2..20     121:DEGNB.27:MIN.41:MIN2..80

      111            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.39:MIN2..25     121:DEGNB.25:MIN.22:MIN2..00

      112            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.35:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.24:MIN.02:MIN2..00

      113            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.11:MIN2..50     121:DEGNB.22:MIN.17:MIN2..00

      114            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.18:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.20:MIN.11:MIN2..50

      115            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.00:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.18:MIN.40:MIN2..00

      116            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.13:MIN2..30     121:DEGNB.17:MIN.10:MIN2..00

      117            45:DEGNB.40:MIN.40:MIN2..50     121:DEGNB.14:MIN.52:MIN2..00

      118            45:DEGNB.40:MIN.17:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.12:MIN.52:MIN2..50

      119            45:DEGNB.39:MIN.00:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.11:MIN.57:MIN2..00

      120            45:DEGNB.37:MIN.47:MIN2..00     121:DEGNB.11:MIN.38:MIN2..40

      121            45:DEGNB.37:MIN.00:MIN2..25     121:DEGNB.11:MIN.43:MIN2..00

      122            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.23:MIN2..80     121:DEGNB.10:MIN.57:MIN2..00

      123            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.22:MIN2..50     121:DEGNB.10:MIN.00:MIN2..00

      124            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.29:MIN2..175   121:DEGNB.08:MIN.39:MIN2..84

      125            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.40:MIN2..89     121:DEGNB.08:MIN.22:MIN2..135


Description of Location of Point Number 125: A point on the center line of The Dalles Bridge across the Columbia River at the center of the main span of said bridge.


      126            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.43:MIN2..94     121:DEGNB.08:MIN.17:MIN2..53

      127            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.35:MIN2..69     121:DEGNB.07:MIN.50:MIN2..34

      128            45:DEGNB.36:MIN.58:MIN2..44     121:DEGNB.07:MIN.16:MIN2..41

      129            45:DEGNB.37:MIN.06:MIN2..095   121:DEGNB.06:MIN.57:MIN2..58

      130            45:DEGNB.37:MIN.14:MIN2..85     121:DEGNB.07:MIN.02:MIN2..75


Description of Location of Point Number 130: A point on the axis of The Dalles Dam at Station 48 + 79 of the center line survey of said dam.


      131            45:DEGNB.37:MIN.23:MIN2..97     121:DEGNB.07:MIN.08:MIN2..14

      132            45:DEGNB.38:MIN.53:MIN2..13     121:DEGNB.05:MIN.01:MIN2..25

      133            45:DEGNB.39:MIN.09:MIN2..54     121:DEGNB.03:MIN.47:MIN2..51

      134            45:DEGNB.39:MIN.04:MIN2..04     121:DEGNB.01:MIN.57:MIN2..51

      135            45:DEGNB.39:MIN.12:MIN2..08     121:DEGNB.00:MIN.22:MIN2..28

      136            45:DEGNB.38:MIN.54:MIN2..66     120:DEGNB.58:MIN.56:MIN2..33

      137            45:DEGNB.38:MIN.55:MIN2..91     120:DEGNB.58:MIN.49:MIN2..52


Description of Location of Point Number 137: A point on the center line of the Oregon Trunk Railroad Bridge and in the center of the 4th pier from the north end of said bridge.


      138            45:DEGNB.38:MIN.58:MIN2..405   120:DEGNB.58:MIN.35:MIN2..90

      139            45:DEGNB.39:MIN.24:MIN2..84     120:DEGNB.57:MIN.06:MIN2..97

      140            45:DEGNB.39:MIN.23:MIN2..58     120:DEGNB.56:MIN.34:MIN2..22

      141            45:DEGNB.38:MIN.24:MIN2..54     120:DEGNB.54:MIN.44:MIN2..75

      142            45:DEGNB.38:MIN.35:MIN2..09     120:DEGNB.53:MIN.40:MIN2..72

      143            45:DEGNB.40:MIN.18:MIN2..79     120:DEGNB.51:MIN.15:MIN2..26

      144            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.11:MIN2..69     120:DEGNB.47:MIN.14:MIN2..64

      145            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.19:MIN2..71     120:DEGNB.43:MIN.38:MIN2..83

      146            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.42:MIN2..58     120:DEGNB.42:MIN.10:MIN2..70

      147            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.57:MIN2..18     120:DEGNB.41:MIN.18:MIN2..11

      148            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.48:MIN2..14     120:DEGNB.40:MIN.05:MIN2..19

      149            45:DEGNB.44:MIN.45:MIN2..12     120:DEGNB.38:MIN.01:MIN2..97

      150            45:DEGNB.44:MIN.47:MIN2..00     120:DEGNB.37:MIN.17:MIN2..91

      151            45:DEGNB.44:MIN.47:MIN2..99     120:DEGNB.35:MIN.23:MIN2..91

      152            45:DEGNB.44:MIN.18:MIN2..49     120:DEGNB.33:MIN.29:MIN2..23

      153            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.37:MIN2..59     120:DEGNB.31:MIN.17:MIN2..65

      154            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.00:MIN2..37     120:DEGNB.30:MIN.16:MIN2..48

      155            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.40:MIN2..42     120:DEGNB.28:MIN.53:MIN2..22

      156            45:DEGNB.41:MIN.58:MIN2..55     120:DEGNB.24:MIN.08:MIN2..96

      157            45:DEGNB.42:MIN.41:MIN2..66     120:DEGNB.19:MIN.30:MIN2..62

      158            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.16:MIN2..74     120:DEGNB.16:MIN.56:MIN2..18

      159            45:DEGNB.43:MIN.33:MIN2..84     120:DEGNB.12:MIN.34:MIN2..62

      160            45:DEGNB.45:MIN.43:MIN2..67     120:DEGNB.10:MIN.10:MIN2..01

      161            45:DEGNB.46:MIN.24:MIN2..09     120:DEGNB.08:MIN.25:MIN2..17

      162            45:DEGNB.47:MIN.07:MIN2..10     120:DEGNB.04:MIN.08:MIN2..70

      163            45:DEGNB.48:MIN.26:MIN2..17     120:DEGNB.00:MIN.49:MIN2..27

      164            45:DEGNB.49:MIN.28:MIN2..29     119:DEGNB.57:MIN.52:MIN2..64

      165            45:DEGNB.49:MIN.41:MIN2..97     119:DEGNB.54:MIN.21:MIN2..95

      166            45:DEGNB.50:MIN.25:MIN2..18     119:DEGNB.50:MIN.53:MIN2..51

      167            45:DEGNB.50:MIN.52:MIN2..00     119:DEGNB.48:MIN.05:MIN2..62

      168            45:DEGNB.50:MIN.45:MIN2..15     119:DEGNB.46:MIN.18:MIN2..16

      169            45:DEGNB.51:MIN.25:MIN2..40     119:DEGNB.40:MIN.07:MIN2..80

      170            45:DEGNB.54:MIN.20:MIN2..70     119:DEGNB.37:MIN.20:MIN2..96

      171            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.10:MIN2..82     119:DEGNB.35:MIN.58:MIN2..28

      172            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.32:MIN2..25     119:DEGNB.34:MIN.13:MIN2..67

      173            45:DEGNB.54:MIN.31:MIN2..37     119:DEGNB.31:MIN.24:MIN2..18

      174            45:DEGNB.54:MIN.23:MIN2..43     119:DEGNB.29:MIN.13:MIN2..01

      175            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.03:MIN2..10     119:DEGNB.26:MIN.57:MIN2..35

      176            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.18:MIN2..10     119:DEGNB.21:MIN.48:MIN2..12

      177            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.51:MIN2..37     119:DEGNB.19:MIN.52:MIN2..71

      178            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.54:MIN2..48     119:DEGNB.19:MIN.39:MIN2..28


Description of Location of Point Number 178: A point on the center line of the Umatilla Bridge at center of the north main span of said bridge.


      179            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.59:MIN2..59     119:DEGNB.19:MIN.17:MIN2..20

      180            45:DEGNB.56:MIN.10:MIN2..26     119:DEGNB.17:MIN.47:MIN2..60


Description of Location of Point Number 180: A point on the axis of McNary Dam at the north face of the south nonoverflow section.


      181            45:DEGNB.56:MIN.15:MIN2..24     119:DEGNB.17:MIN.05:MIN2..76

      182            45:DEGNB.56:MIN.24:MIN2..05     119:DEGNB.15:MIN.21:MIN2..40

      183            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.58:MIN2..60     119:DEGNB.13:MIN.28:MIN2..22

      184            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.40:MIN2..97     119:DEGNB.11:MIN.39:MIN2..82

      185            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.40:MIN2..26     119:DEGNB.10:MIN.05:MIN2..04

      186            45:DEGNB.55:MIN.58:MIN2..55     119:DEGNB.07:MIN.30:MIN2..72

      187            45:DEGNB.56:MIN.34:MIN2..25     119:DEGNB.05:MIN.32:MIN2..00

      188            45:DEGNB.57:MIN.31:MIN2..28     119:DEGNB.03:MIN.37:MIN2..36

      189            45:DEGNB.58:MIN.09:MIN2..33     119:DEGNB.01:MIN.33:MIN2..95

      190            45:DEGNB.58:MIN.45:MIN2..73     119:DEGNB.00:MIN.27:MIN2..12

      191            45:DEGNB.00:MIN.00:MIN2..00     118:DEGNB.59:MIN.10:MIN2..12




      This compact shall become operative when it has been ratified by the legislatures of the States of Oregon and Washington and approved by the Congress of the United States and the Constitutions of the States of Oregon and Washington have been amended to authorize the establishment of the boundary as herein provided.

______________________________________________________________________________ [1957 c.94 §2]


      Note: The descriptions of the locations of points in Article II of the compact are as of 1957.

For ratification of compact by Washington legislature see chapter 90, Laws of 1957, (RCW 43.58.050–RCW 43.58.090), effective March 13, 1957.

For amendment to Washington Constitution authorizing establishment of boundary as provided in compact see Amendment 33 to Article XXIV, §1, Washington Constitution, approved November 4, 1958, and proclaimed December 4, 1958, by Governor to be approved.

For approval of compact by Congress see Public Law 85-575, dated July 31, 1958, 72 Stat. 455 (1958).

Effective date of Oregon constitutional amendment (Const. Art. XVI) authorizing establishment of boundary as provided in compact is December 3, 1958._______________