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Capitol History Gateway Exhibit Sponsorship Program

This sponsorship program, funded by the Oregon State Capitol Foundation, allows us to help organizations tell more stories and share them with the Capitol community.

Feathering the Hat Exhibit Second World War Exhibit.jpgThe Capitol History Gateway Exhibit Sponsorship Program supports Oregon, public and nonprofit, museums and organizations to produce an exhibit that meets one or both of the following goals: 1.) Increase participation in Oregon's democracy, 2.) Increase interest in Oregon's history, and especially in the history of government.

Next Application Cycle Opens: November 15, 2023 

Awards in the next cycle are for virtual exhibits  displayed July 2024 to June 2025. And physically at exhibited at the Capitol in 2026.​​


  • Awardees: If you are awarded a sponsorship by the Oregon State Capitol Foundation, you will be responsible for filling out the status reports below:​​

First Round Sponsorship Winners (2022) and Upcoming Exhibits:

"Swedish Cabins: Legacy of Henry Steiner and Fogelbo," Nordic Northwest​

"Master Penworks of Tom Stefopoulos: The Hellenic Artist of the Lovejoy Columns," Hellenic-American Cultural Center and Museum​

"The Nez Perce in Oregon," Josephy Center for Arts and Culture​

Gateway Logo with contact header.png​Here is a list of exhibitors during 2018-2020:

Racing to Change, Oregon Black Pioneers

Timber Culture, Maxville Interpretive Center

150th Anniversary Exhibit, Oregon State University

Uniform Exhibit, VFW #661

World War I – An Oregon Experience, Oregon Department of Veteran's Affairs
Oregon State Constitution Exhibit, Oregon State Archives
Hoover Minthorn House Exhibit
Feathering the Hat, National Hat Museum 
The Second World War – An Oregon Perspective, Oregon Jewish Museum
Woman Suffrage – More than Just The Vote, Oregon Secretary of State 

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