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School Lesson Plans

4th Grade Lesson Plans

Lessons aligned with Oregon's teaching standards are available to support the student's visit. Please have your students complete the pre-tour lessons prior to the school visit. Videos and other education resources regarding the legislative process and Capitol information are available (see videos and educational resources on this page.) 


Check Out Other Resources

In 2017 the legislature passed Senate Bill 13, now known as the Tribal History/Shared History bill. As part of this legislation, lesson plans were developed and shared by the Oregon Department of Education to meet state standards. To coincide with our lesson plans, please click here ​for 4th grade lesson plans based on Tribal History/Shared History. The 8th grade and 10th grade lesson plans can be accessed from that page as well. The SB 13 Tribal History/Shared History lesson plans will be updated as necessary revisions are completed. Please continue to check the website to ensure you have the most updated lesson plan(s) available. Thank you.​


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