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Multicultural Day Reimagined -

Thank you for joining us for our virtual Multicultural Day 2021. Below you will find video submissions from many of our Capitol History Gateway partners.  A huge thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, The Oregon State Capitol Foundation, and our premier partners the Salem Multicultural Institute and World Beat Gallery, and the Oregon Folklife Network. You will also find a list of our Capitol History Gateway partners who have participated in current and past events, with links to learn more about them!

Thank you to Multicultural Day partners!

AARP Diversity Advisory Committee
Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon
Ballet Paplotl
Capitol Community Media
Ceili of the Valley
Chinese Friendship Association Dance Team of Portland
Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw
Confederated Tribes of Siletz
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Coquille Indian Tribe​
Deepwood Museum and Gardens
Greater Salem Filipino American Friendship Club
Filipino American National Historical Society
Huehco Omeyocan
Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon
Instituto de Cultura Oregoniana
Kalabharathi School of Dance
Klamath Tribes
Kotori Japanese Music/Takohachi
Lan Su Gardens
Mano a Mano
Masumi Timson
Maxville Heritage Center
Micronesia Islander Community
Monmouth Taiko
Noche Cultural
Oregon Black Pioneers
Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services
Oregon Department of Education​
Oregon Department of Human Services
Oregon Marshallese Community
Oregon Parks and Recreation
Oregon State Capitol Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Oregon State Capitol Foundation​
Oregon State Penitentiary Asian Pacific Family Club
Oregon State Police
Paradise of Samoa
Pena Charras Del Oeste
Peruvian Cultural Festival
USA Academy/Iraqi Heritage
Salem Multicultural Institute and Worldbeat Festival
Sikh Center of Oregon
Sikh Seva Foundation
Slavic Empowerment Team
Viva Tualatin
Willamette Heritage Center
Woodburn High School Mariachi​


Oregon State Capitol, Visitor Services Department

Due to the global pandemic, we are hosting Multicultural Day virtually again this year. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the diversity of the people that make up the fabric of Oregon. Please enjoy video submissions from our amazing Capitol History Gateway partners.


These videos were submitted by the Peruvian Cultural Festival for our event. 



The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde has been on these lands since time immemorial.

On August 15, 2019, the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde purchased a 23-acre property at Willamette Falls that was formerly home to a Blue Heron Paper Company Mill. The property, which sits on the east bank of the Willamette River in Oregon City, is located within the Tribe’s ancestral homelands land and holds significant historical and cultural importance for the Tribe.

The lands were once home to the Charcowah village of the Clowewalla (Willamette band of Tumwaters) and the Kosh-huk-shix Village of Clackamas people. They were ceded to the United States government under the Willamette Valley Treaty of 1855. Following the Willamette Valley Treaty, tribal members were forcibly removed from Willamette Falls and relocated to Grand Ronde.


Woodburn High School Mariachis perform at the 55th Annual Fiesta Mexicana in Woodburn, Oregon, August 5, 2018. The band has opened three of the five previous Hispanic Heritage Day events at the Oregon State Capitol.​


JAIPONG dance is a popular traditional dance of Sundanese people from West Java. The dance is very dynamic, based on traditional Sundanese Ketuk Tilu music and traditional martial art "pencak silat" movements. This video was submitted by our Capitol History Gateway partner Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon group.​


PUSPANJALI is one of the welcoming dances from the island of Bali which has dynamic and beautiful movements. The name Puspanjali was taken from the word Puspa meaning flower and Anjali meaning respecting or greeting. Puspanjali means ‘greeting with flowers’. This dance describes women who respectfully welcome the guests to their home. This was submitted by the Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon group.​


This video was produced by the Greater Salem Filipino American Association (GSFAA) and features the traditional formal dresses from the Philippines. It describes each attire both for men and women as worn by local members from the greater Salem/Keizer area. Towards the end of the presentation, local Filipino-American members will serenade you with the song called Bayan Ko (My Country). ​


This video was filmed and produced at the Oregon State Penitentiary by the Asian Pacific Family Club and contains footage of adults in custody (AIC) from diverse cultural backgrounds.​


Enjoy this video which highlights African Heritage foods from our partners the Oregon Department of Education, Rootopia and Oregon State University Oregon Harvest for Schools program.​


Enjoy this video which highlights Latinx foods and traditions from our partners the Oregon Department of Education, Rootopia and Oregon State University Oregon Harvest for Schools program.​


Enjoy this presentation by the Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon. The AACCO is a 501 (c) (3) organization with the mission of preserving and promoting the culture and heritage of Oregon’s diverse Arab-American community.​


​Noticing what is different, but more importantly what is similar! In this video by the Pena de Charras and Oregon Ladies Aside, different side saddle techniques are compared. The Western, English and Charra (Mexican) side saddles are shown and the equestrian riders explain the differences. Enjoy!​

2020 Multicultural Day Submissions Below:


COMPILATION: Latinos en Oregon, this video is in Spanish with English subtitles and showcases the diversity of Latinos working in their respective fields and communities in Oregon. 


STORYTELLING: Maxville Heritage Center executive director, Gwen Trice, reads "Ruth and the Green Book." 


STORYTELLING: Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde member Kathy Cole reads "The Elders are Watching." 


STORYTELLING: ​Slavic Empowerment Team member Tamara Burkovskaia​'s grandson, Maksim Burkovskiy​, 8 years old, reads "The Star Money Tale" in Russian and English. 

POETRY: Reading in Spanish by Efraín M. Díaz-Horna, with English subtitles. 
POETRY: Reading​ in Spanish by Efraín M. Díaz-Horna, with English subtitles. 


PERFORMANCE: Dances of the Pacific Islands are represented in this video by the Asian Pacific Family Club of the Oregon State Penitentiary.

PERFORMANCE: Kotori Japanese Music is played be two musicians, one from Japan, one from Oregon, making this beautiful collaborative video for Multicultural Day Reimagined 2020. 

PERFORMANCE: Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon perform the Indonesian Peacock Dance in cultural regalia.

PERFORMANCE: Alma, corazon y vida performed by Mario Diaz in the Capitol Rotunda. 
ART: Huehca Omeyocan founder Eduardo Cruz discusses the art of his culture. Video above in English, video below in Spanish. 
PERFORMANCE: Huehca Omeyocan performs dances in Oregon's natural environments. Video above in English, video below in Spanish. 



STORYTELLING: The history of the Siuslaw Watershed starts with the native people it is named for, the Siuslaw People. The stewardship of their river and surrounding lands by its earliest inhabitants cannot be overstated. In this video, Jesse Beers, Siuslaw Tribal Member and Cultural Stewardship Manager ​explains the relationship. 


STORYTELLING: Coquille Indian Tribe explains the importance of clams to their culture. 

PERFORMANCE: Ugandan Kids Choir dance in the Capitol Rotunda. 

TOUR: Willamette Heritage Center interpretive activities and school tour. 


COMPILATION: Highlights from Cherry Blossom Day at the Oregon State Capitol, including footage of the Capitol Mall in bloom. 


PERFORMANCE: Chinese Friendship Association of Portland Fitness Dance Team​ stage performance. 


COMPILATION: Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians enrolled member, Robert Kentta, explains making ceremonial regalia.​


TOUR: Learn about the music inside the Deepwood House at the Deepwood Museum & Gardens in Salem. (The first 50 seconds of this video has no sound and is on purpose.)

PERFORMANCE: Cucurrucucu paloma played on guitar by Mario Diaz, recorded for Multicultural Day Reimagined.​


ART: Naoko Shoka Stonelake practices and creates etigami at her studio in Lake Oswego. Here she showcases and shares her art. 

PERFORMANCE:  Koto player Masumi Timson performs a Spanish style improvisation on her instrument.​


PERFORMANCE: Ballet Papalotl perform for Multicultural Day Reimagined 2020. They have been performing for the Capitol History Gateway since 2015.