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​Multicultural Day Partners


Explore Oregon's diverse cultural influences with our amazing Capitol History Gateway partners below. Please take some time to watch the videos, most of which were created for this special event. A huge thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, The Oregon State Capitol Foundation, you can see a short video from the Foundation here​. ​Click here to go to Multicultural Day​ festival page.


AARP Diversity Advisory Committee​

Mission: DAC serves as AARP Oregon internal and external volunteer ambassadors for diversity and inclusion in the advancement of AARP programs and policies that will foster equity. AARP's mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age.​ Visit our website here​


Arab American Cultural Center

Mission: The Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon (AACCO) is a non-profit cultural center dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the heritage of Oregon's diverse Arab-American community. Through its cultural preservation work and through its programs and events, AACCO will become a prominent contributor to Oregon's cultural development.​ See website here.​ 


​Ballet Paplotl

Since 2003, the Mission of Ballet Papalotl is to share the authentic culture and folkloric dance of Mexico with the people of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious multicultural society. ​​See website here


​​Capitol Community Media

Our mission is to provide community information through television and radio, and to teach people how to make their own programming. 

All people in a democracy have the right and responsibility to take part in the decisions that affect them and their communities. Freedom of speech is vital to a healthy democracy and is guaranteed in the First Amendment. Capital Community Media (CC:Media) provides the community with the opportunity for political, cultural, artistic, spiritual, and individual expression. Visit our website here.​


Chinese Friendship Association Dance Team of Portland

We are a non-profit and community-based organization established in 1993, dedicated to: Foster greater cultural understanding among Oregonians; Provide educational opportunities to teh public to learn about th​e immigrant story and their traditions and customs; Build a bridge of cultural awareness and understanding, ethnic tolerance and strive for a more harmonious existence; Assist recent Chinese immigrants in Oregon and Vancouver to be productive and committed members of their communities; and Provide civic leadership training for youth. Visit our website here​


Céilí ​of the Valley

Céilí of the Valley Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and perpetuating Irish heritage and culture in the Willamette Valley primarily through social events that incorporate music and dance.​ Visit our website here​


​Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

The story of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is the story of persistence. It is a story that has evolved from the forced removal of our ancestors during the treaty years, the struggle of reservation life, our termination by the federal government and our fight for recognition. It is the story of a community, a Tribe, and a culture that has persisted despite the challenges. We hope that you will take some time to learn more here​. 


​​Confederated Tribes of the Siletz

Mission: Continue forever, with the help of God, our unique identity as Indians and as the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, and to protect that identity from forces that threaten to diminish it. Learn more about us here​.

Capitol BDay-160th-Hi-057.jpg

​Coquille Indian Tribe

When Coquille Indian people travel southwestern Oregon’s coastline and interior, we trace the footsteps of generations too numerous to count. Our ancestors were here when Rome rose and fell. They were here when Stonehenge and the pyramids were built, and when the last mammoths and saber-toothed cats walked the earth.​

Our stories tell us that our people have lived in this place since time began. Archaeologists have found evidence of human occupation dating back at least 14,000 years. This long history binds us forever to the lands and waters of southwestern Oregon.​ ​Learn more about us here.  


​Deepwood Museum & Gardens

Deepwood Museum & Gardens is operated by the Friends of Deepwood. The nonprofit organization operates the Museum Home and grounds which became a City of Salem park in 1971. The 5 acre property features a Victorian Museum home, Carriage House, historic formal gardens, colorful border gardens and a native area with trails which take you along the creekside. Visit us at Deepwood to learn more. ​

Capitol BDay-160th-Hi-074.jpg

Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians

The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians are made up of 3 tribes (4 Bands): 2 bands of Coos Tribes: Hanis Coos (Coos Proper), Miluk Coos; Lower Umpqua Tribe; and Siuslaw Tribe. Although both Coos bands lived in close proximity to one another on the Coos River tributaries, they spoke different dialects of the Coos language and had their own unique history and cultural differences. A days walk north from the Coos River, you found yourself in the Lower Umpqua territory with a much different spoken language that both the Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw bands shared; the Siuslaw language. The diversity of languages and cultures you can find along the West Coast attests to the longevity these bands sustained for hundreds of generations in the lands they call home.​Learn more about us here

89-Cap Asian Fest-LOW.jpg

​Greater Salem Filipino American Friendship Club and the

​Filipino American National Historical Society​

Founded in 1982, the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) documents and promotes Filipino American history through its archives, conferences, books, programs, films, art and more. With 38 Chapters throughout the USA, FANHS has recognized October as Filipino American History Month for decades.​​Learn more about GSFAA here. Learn more about FANHS here


​Huehca Omeyocan

Our objective and purpose is to address the community with the intention of educating about dance, art, pre-Hispanic music and culture. 

 Huehca Omeyocan is a group dedicated to promoting cultural practices of the Mesoamerican people primarily focused on Prehispanic (Aztec Chichimeca) dance, music, and art culture education. Our goal is helping people claim their identity (native identity) and history, by learning the history of our ancestors which is ultimately our own history. Visit our website here​



​Huehca Omeyocan en Espanol

Nuestro objetivo y propósito es dirigirnos a la comunidad con la intención de educar sobre danza, arte, música y cultura prehispánica. Huehca Omeyocan es un grupo dedicado a promover las prácticas culturales del pueblo mesoamericano enfocado principalmente en la educación en danza, música y cultura prehispánica (azteca chichimeca).Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a las personas a reclamar su identidad (identidad nativa) e historia, aprendiendo la historia de nuestros antepasados, que en última instancia es nuestra propia historia.​​​


​Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon

Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon is a cultural based organization serving to promote Indonesian culture through music and dance. Our group consists of individuals of different age groups, dedicating their time to practice and showcase different dances from different Indonesian islands.​ Learn more about here​


​Instituto de Cultura Oregoniana

The mission of the Institute of Oregonian Culture (ICO) is to promote the Spanish-speaking culture of Oregon, and to promote multilingualism as a source of common prosperity.​

La misión del Instituto de Cultura Oregoniana (ICO) es promover la cultura hispanohablante de Oregón, y promover el multilingüismo como fuente de prosperidad común.​ 

Visit our website here​


USA Academy/Iraqi Heritage

U.S.A. ACADEMY is a nonprofit charity. Our goal is the mission of fostering an awareness and appreciation of cultural difference in both the international and domestic arenas. We believe that ‘The Secret of Success: HARD WORK’ and to share your experiences with others. ​​Visit our website here


​Japanese Cultural Society

Our mission is to serve as the connection and the gathering point between Japanese and non-Japanese people in the Salem area through various cultural experiences.
We present the cultural experiences such as Japanese drums, dance, food culture, calligraphy, and art to the community. ​Learn more about us here

Kalabharathi School of Dance

The Kalabharathi School of Dance is committed to promote and present Bharathanatyam, an ancient South Indian dance form, through instructional classes and professional performances. We aim to have a multi-cultural approach to our presentations, so that audiences of all backgrounds may experience and enjoy this rich classical dance form.

Our goal is to promote this dance form as a cultural bridge so that we may share the peace and spirituality that is an integral part of this form of artistic expression.​ Learn more about us here.​


​KMUZ Radio

Mission Statement: KMUZ celebrates the people, culture and civic life of the mid-Willamette Valley.  Purpose Statement: Serve the communities of the mid-Willamette Valley through programming that educates, entertains and informs, and reflects the cultural heritage and artistic expression of our region. KMUZ engages listeners with music, culture, news, and information not widely covered by the mainstream media.  KMUZ will be a reliable partner for public emergency response agencies to keep its listeners aware of issues and events of impact on their lives and safety.​ For more information about our station and programming, visit here​


​Kotori Japanese Music

My name is Yumi Torimaru. I am a bilingual, bicultural, and multi-instrumental Japanese music performer. I have given hundreds of shows over the past decade. With my experiences, resources and creativity, I am focusing on Japanese cultural "edutainment," with music using Tsugaru Shamisen, Shinobue (bamboo flute) Taiko and more. I am offering Tsugaru Shimsen lessons as well. Please check out my website:​ . Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, "KotoriJapaneseMusic." Thank you!


​Lan Su Gardens

The mission of Lan Su Chinese Garden is to cultivate an oasis of tranquil beauty and harmony to inspire, engage and educate our global community in the appreciation of a richly authentic Chinese culture. ​​Visit our website to learn more about us!


​Noche Cultural​​

Promotional video for Noche Cultural, a new partner to the Capitol History Gateway.  Video above in English, video below in Spanish. 



Sikh Dancers 1.jpg 
Maharaja Bhangra Group​

We bring together the youth of the Camas/Vancouver/Portland area to come together and learn Bhangra which is a Punjabi or North Indian type of dance. At the same time we teach them important values that will help them in their future endeavors.​ Learn more about our group here. 


​Masumi Timson

Masumi Timson is an instructor and performer of the Koto – a Japanese traditional instrument. She holds a Master's Degree in Music with a specialization in the Koto from Seiha Conservatory of Japanese Traditional Music in Japan. She has participated in various recordings of the world-renowned band Pink Martini, and has performed with the band at various venues around the world. Masumi has also released her own CDs, Picture Dreams (Koto/Violin Duo), Pacific Bridge and Confluence (collaboration albums with a traditional African instrument Mbira). For more information on the koto, koto lessons, performances and music videos, please visit here​.


​Maxville Heritage Center

Founded in 2008, the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center collects, preserves, and interprets the history of the logging community of Maxville and similar communities throughout the West. MHIC’s mission is to serve Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest by preserving resources and providing information and education about this little-known chapter of the American experience.​ Visit our website here​

MIC logo_edited (2).png​​

Micronesia Islander Community​​

The Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) is organized exclusively for charitable, educational purpose and to promote cultural awareness programs and events that provide social needs, economic growth and justice to Micronesian communities among Oregon.​ Learn more about us here.


​Monmouth Taiko

Monmouth Taiko is a drumming ensemble which has been performing since 1997.  Our mission is to introduce the traditional Japanese art form of “taiko” to communities in and around Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  We look forward to seeing you soon! You can visit our website here

OBP  logo - NEW.jpg

​Oregon Black Pioneers

Our vision is to become the preeminent resource for the study of Oregon’s African American history and culture. We work to achieve this vision through our illuminating exhibitions, our public programs, our original publications, and historical research. Additionally, we partner with local organizations to plan, interpret, and advocate for the preservation and commemoration of sites with African American historical significance.​ ​Our website​


​Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services is the state's largest consumer protection and regulatory agency. Our role is to help keep Oregonians safe and to ensure a fair business environment in Oregon. We do this through regulating and/or enforcing: workplace safety, the state's Workers' Compensation system, state building codes, the insurance and financial sectors, and the state health insurance exchange. At DCBS we strongly believe it is the responsibility of every state employee to support diversity, equity and inclusion both in the workplace and in the programs we administer across the state. Our website. ​

​Oregon Department of Education

The Oregon Department of Education fosters equity and excellence for every learner through collaboration with educators, partners and communities. Learn more about the ODE here​


​Oregon Marshallese Community

OMCA Mission Statement: To assist our community in terms of Education, Health, and Social Services. Promote the cultural values, traditions, and history of the Marshallese people to facilitate intercultural dialogue and to foster positive social change.​ We have a public group on Facebook, you can visit it here.​ 

​Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

The mission of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is to provide and protect outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations. ​Learn more OPRD here


​Oregon State Capitol Foundation

Mission: The Oregon State Capitol Foundation connects Oregonians to a shared heritage, enhances the beauty of the Capitol and engages citizens in their democracy.​ Visit our website here​.

Oregon State Capitol Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The goal of the Capitol DEI Committee is to bring forth ideas, programs, policies and changes to increase the inclusivity of the Oregon State Capitol. To make the Oregon State Capitol a welcoming place for everyone. To proactively foster an inclusive organization and help create an environment conducive to success, ensuring positive relationships amongst employees and with the individuals they serve.​


​​Oregon State Penitentiary Asian Pacific Family Club

The mission of the Oregon Department of Corrections is to promote public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior.​ For information about the Asian Pacific Family Club, please watch the video. ​


Oregon State Police

Founded in 1931, our mission is to serve the State of Oregon with a diverse workforce dedicated to the protection of people, property, and natural resources. ​Visit our website here


​Peruvian Cultural Festival of Oregon

To share Peruvian Culture through arts (dance/music/folklore/gastronomy), current events, history and geography, educating society and increasing diversity while aiding improvement and assimilation into local communities​. Learn more about us here. ​


Salem Multicultural Institute and Worldbeat Festival

The vision of the Salem Multicultural Institute and the purpose of the World Beat Festival and World Beat Gallery are to create an environment of openness for all people. In all our activities, SMI aims to be family-friendly, economically inclusive, and culturally authentic. 
We believe that the key to establishing Salem and Oregon as a culturally rich and welcoming place is broad-based community involvement. Our operating philosophy has remained intact from the beginning: We all have something to learn from one another, and we all have something to teach.​ Learn more about us here.

OSFM Logo Transparent.png

Office of the State Fire Marshall

The Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) protects citizens, their property, and the environment from fire and hazardous materials. ​​Visit our website here

slavic celebration at IRCO 2020c.jpg

​Slavic Empowerment Team

Slavic Empowerment Team (SET) is a voluntary, employee-driven affinity group that is organized around shared interest in Slavic Culture and/or self- affiliation with a Slavic Cultural heritage. SET is open to any and all employees within the City of Portland regardless of their race, religion, gender, marital status, family status, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, source of income, or veteran status.​ Learn about us here​



TAKOHACHI was founded by Yumi Torimaru in 2007 as a 503(c)(3), non-profit organization. Since its inception, Takohachi has given hundreds of shows and is getting recognized internationally. Last year, the group won First Place in the Internet Shinobue (bamboo flute) Contest and performed in Tokyo, Japan. Please support their activities by following them on social media, making tax-exempt donations, and telling your friends about TAKOHACHI. ​

17-Cap Asian Fest-LOW.jpg

​Paradise of Samoa

"Paradise of Samoa Polynesian Dance Troupe" is comprised of trained dancers and entertainers, and hosts at least one  luau every year.  The shows include live music and fire dancing.​ ​Learn more about us here. 


Willamette Heritage Center

The Willamette Heritage Center connects generations by preserving and interpreting Mid-Willamette Valley history. The fourteen historic structures on site house permanent and changing exhibits, a research library and archive, a textile learning center, and rentable event spaces. The five-acre campus is also home to retail shops, art galleries, cooperative artist studios, and offices for our partner organizations.​ ​Learn more about us here


​​​Woodburn High School Mariachi Band

The band was incepted in 2003 and is a component of a complete traditional high school music department of vocal, instrumental and music theory/music history offerings in the Woodburn Arts and Communications Academy. Traditional instrumentation, repertoire and music literacy is the goal. Learn more about the band here.​