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O​ffice of the Chief Clerk

Timothy G. Sekerak, Chief Clerk

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1870
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-271, Salem, Oregon 97301


Meet our Staff

Chief Clerk Sekerak 3.jpgTimothy G. Sekerak, Chief Clerk

The Chief Clerk’s duties are outlined in the Oregon Constitution, House Rules, established customs and precedents, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure. These duties include:

• Serving as the parliamentarian of the House and for handling the administrative functions associated with all House proceedings.

• Serving as the official custodian of measures and records of proceedings and actions of the House.

• Providing managerial and administrative support over the process of all legislation as it is considered by the members of the House of Representatives.


obie staff photo.jpgObie Rutledge, Deputy Chief Clerk


• Creates and publishes the House daily agenda and Speakers scripts; and as-sists Chief Clerk in operating voting system.
• Assists in reviewing, researching, composing, and revising amendments to House Rules and committee rules.

• Provides advice and counsel on legislative procedure and parliamentary law for House members, legislative committee staff, representatives’ staff, elected officials, lobbyists, press, and members of the public.

• Manages the processing of all original House legislative measures, papers, documents, and records of proceedings and actions of the House, including agendas, measures, histories, journals, and other publications.


brian staff photo.jpg

Brian McKinley, Sergeant at Arms/OLEOO Director


• Maintains order in the House Chambers and other areas assigned to the House.

• Supervises House pages; reviews and assigns work, coordinates daily session operations, and directs running of errands for the Chief Clerk’s office.

• At the direction of the Speaker, the Sergeant-of-Arms has the power to arrest people, and have them held for up to 24 hours.

• Manages Oregon Legislative Education and Outreach Office (our new Civics Education program).


sarah staff photo.jpgSarah Curry, Journal Clerk


• Prepares original House Journal document as mandated by the Oregon Constitution; it is a chronological record of all formal House proceedings.

• Maintains and organizes the Opening Ceremonies order of business, including all invocations and special musical and theatrical performances in the chamber.

• Revises and updates all membership documents, including but not limited to: Roll call sheets, seating charts, seniority lists, wing office charts, member moniker cards, and House-Senate districts documents.


mandi staff photo.jpgMandi McGowan, Measure History Clerk


• Overseas and manages all aspects of the Oregon House measure history, status reports & OLIS; Records all formal House proceedings during daily sessions, including: votes and corresponding motions and actions into OLIS.

• Manages the House measure introduction process, which includes verifying that all measures that are delivered back from LC are ready for formal introduction.

• Manages the enrolling process and oversees and supervises all House member sponsorship requests; Coordinates all Parchment copies of bill, letters to Congress, and all other dignitaries.


lacy staff photo.jpgLacy Ramirez Gruss, Reading Clerk


• Reads all official documents out loud for the record: Messages from the Governor, Messages from the Senate, First Readings, Second Readings, Third Readings, and special announcements.
• Assists Chief Clerk in operating voting system and ensuring member’s votes are recorded on all motions.
and measures. Operates voting system in the absence of the Chief Clerk.
• Manages for all House members and staff the ordering of official stationery, and processes office and members Approval for Payments.
• Oversees Chief Clerk’s Office social media content.

lacy staff photo.jpgKellie Whiting, Office Assistant


•Provides front office customer service representation and records management support for the Chief Clerk’s Office team.

• Steps in for the Measure History Clerk when necessary with recording all formal legislative actions including votes, motions, debates, statements of conflict of interest, time yields, and commentary.

• ​Steps in for the Reading Clerk when necessary by reading all official documents out loud for the record.

• ​Responds to requests for information by performing research, providing necessary forms, and providing contacts to satisfy the requests.