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Oregon State Legislature Gov to Gov Annual Reports


Commission on Indian Services logoLegislative Commission on Indian Services

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Address: 900 Court St. NE, Room 167, Salem, OR 97301
Mitch Sparks, Executive Director



Please refer to the lists below to find specific state agency policies and reports on their work with Tribes in Oregon.

2018 Annual Report - Agriculture 
2018 Annual Report - Business Oregon 
2018 Annual Report - Consumer and Business Services 
2018 Annual Report - Corrections 
2018 Annual Report - DAS 
2018 Annual Report - DEQ 
2018 Annual Report - DLCD 
2018 Annual Report - DOGAMI 
2018 Annual Report - DPSST 
2018 Annual Report - Education 
2018 Annual Report - Employment Department 
2018 Annual Report - Energy 
2018 Annual Report - Fish and Wildlife 
2018 Annual Report - Higher Education Coordinating Commission 
2018 Annual Report - Housing and Community Services 
2018 Annual Report - Military 
2018 Annual Report - Oregon Health Authority 
2018 Annual Report - OLCC 
2018 Annual Report - Revenue 
2018 Annual Report - State Lands 
2018 Annual Report - State Police 
2018 Annual Report - Transportation 
2018 Annual Report - Veterans' Affairs 
2018 Annual Report - DHS 
2018 Annual Report - Watershed Enhancement Board 
2018 Annual Report - Youth Development Division 
2018 Annual Report - Forestry 
2018 Annual Report - Water Resources 
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Government to Government

182.166 Training of state agency managers and employees who communicate with tribes; annual meetings of representative of agencies and tribes; annual reports by state agencies.
  • (1) at least once a year, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, in consultation with the Commission on Indian Services, shall provide training to state agency managers and employees who have regular communication with tribes on the legal status of tribes, the legal rights of members of tribes and issues of concern to tribes.
  • (2) Once a year, the Governor shall convene a meeting at which representatives of state agencies and tribes may work together to achieve mutual goals.
  • (3) No later than December 15 of every year, a state agency shall submit a report to the Governor and the Commission on Indian Services on the activities of the state agency under ORS 182.162 to 182.168. The report shall include:
  • (a) The policy the state agency adopted under ORS 182.164.
    (b) The names of the individuals in the state agency who are responsible for developing and implementing programs of the state agency that affect tribes.
    (c) The process the state agency established to identify the programs of the state agency that affect tribes.
    (d) The effort of the state agency to promote communication between the state agency and the tribes and government-to-government relations between the state and tribes.
    (e) A description of the training required subsection (1) of this section.
    (f) The method the state agency established for notifying employees of the state agency of the provisions of ORS 182.162 to 182.168 and the policy the state agency adopts under ORS 182.164. [2001 c. 177 §3] 9_9H Oregon SB770.pdf