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Brian L. ClemRepresentative Brian L. Clem

Democrat - District 21 - Salem

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1421
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-481, Salem, Oregon 97301



  As we enter the 2021 legislative session, I would like to tell you a little bit about what I’ll be working on over the next few months.

  Earlier this year, I was honored to be appointed Chair of the House Special Committee on Wildfire Recovery. This committee is taking the lead role in crafting the financial and regulatory response to the devasting wildfires that ravaged many parts of our state last summer. I have toured some of these locations and the destruction from the fires is absolute. Homes and businesses burned to the ground, leaving only blank and ashy foundations. Thousands and thousands of acres of forestland burned. The cost of cleanup alone could be in the billions. We cannot get to this work fast enough. I am committed to this cause and anxious to provide as much relief as possible. I am also proud to be working with my Republican and Democratic colleagues from both urban and rural districts to craft a relief package that will help these families and businesses get back on their feet.

  I am also honored to serve on the House Committee on Economic Recovery and Prosperity Committee and on the House Committee on Business and Labor. Over the last 11 months we have seen hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear in the wake of a COVID-19. Businesses have been forced to close or severely reduce operations as we have grappled with the requirements necessary to slow the pandemic. As a small business owner, I believe in the power of small businesses and the vital role that they play in job creation and community development. I also believe in the benefit of labor unions and in the role of collective bargaining that ensures our public employees receive a fair deal for their work. Let me be clear – the number one priority of every legislator must be to get these jobs back and these businesses opened again. In order to achieve this goal, we must speed up our vaccine delivery and get as many people as possible vaccinated against COVID-19.

  Outside of my committees, once again I’ll be fighting to protect funding for the Farm to School program which helps to streamline our locally produced agricultural products into the classrooms where our kids can enjoy our local and healthy fruits and vegetables. I’ll also be re-introducing a resolution calling for an end to the unlimited campaign contributions (Citizens United) by special interests looking to buy influence and access. Simply put, money is not speech and the people must be protected from this erroneous court decision.

  I am also pleased to re-introduce two separate pieces of legislation on annexation reform that will allow my constituents in East Salem to have a greater say in how and when they can be annexed and will stop the city from forcing you out of the county and increasing your taxes, without your input.

  Lastly, I will be a diligent guard against any legislation aimed at our retired public employees. Our teachers and police officers, caseworkers and classified employees signed a contract with the state many years ago and we cannot go back on our word and break that contract. I have always and will always vote against any unconstitutional attacks on our PERS.



Brian Clem