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​Senator Michael Dembrow

Democrat - District 23 - Portland

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1723    District Phone: 503-281-0608
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-407, Salem, Oregon 97301
District Address: 2104 NE 45th Ave. Portland, OR 97213


2010 Session Recap


Bills that Michael Chief Sponsored in the 2010 Special Session:

HB 3816: Directs Home Care Commission to create Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Committee for advisory purposes.  STATUS: PASSED

Bills that Michael Co-Sponsored in the 2010 Special Session:

HB 3605: Creates exception to maximum loan amount permitted from Oregon Business Development Fund for applicants proposing business development projects. STATUS:

HB 3613: A ten-year extension of Oregon’s moratorium on off-shore oil and gas drilling.  STATUS: PASSED

HB 3615: Includes banks, credit card companies and other lenders under Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act.STATUS: PASSED (as HB 3706)

HB 3616: Adds additional requirements to proposed Liquefied Natural Gas terminal and pipeline projects. STATUS: DIED IN HOUSE COMMITTEE

HB 3617: Allows existing special districts or county service districts, in areas that become incorporated, to continue to provide services if continuation is approved by voters.  STATUS: PASSED

HB 3624: Requires appraisal management companies to register with Department of Consumer and Business Services.STATUS: PASS


HB 3625: Designates May of each year as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.  STATUS: PASSED

HB 3626: Directs Department of Education to establish a pilot program that provides vision screenings to students.STATUS: PASSED

HB 3631: Prohibits insurers from treating injuries sustained from sexual violence as a preexisting condition. STATUS: PASSED

HB 3642: Allows supervising physician organization to collectively supervise physician assistant. STATUS: PASSED

HB 3644: Creates Task Force on Stage Two Business Development and Economic Gardening.  STATUS: PASSED

HB 3646: Authorizes proceeds of private activity revenue bonds to be used for management and operation of eligible projects.  STATUS: PASSED

HJR 100: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution establishing obligation of state to ensure every legal resident of state access to effective, medically appropriate and affordable health care.  STATUS: FAILED ON HOUSE FLOOR

SB 1025: Requires Building Codes boards to adopt radon mitigation standards. STATUS: PASSED

SB 1026: Allows OLCC to place restrictions on license of premises that experiences specified problems for purpose of preventing continuation of problems.  STATUS: DIED IN SENATE COMMITTEE

SB 1042: Removes prohibition against local government imposition of taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products.STATUS: DIED IN SENATE COMMITTEE

SB 1045: Prohibits employers from using credit scores of job applicants as a basis for hiring decisions.  STATUS: PASSED