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March 21, 2013

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Guest: Eli Matthews Medford City Council
Guests from the District
Eli Matthews, Medford City Council, was here visiting this month.  He spent a week at our front desk learning what happens at the Oregon Legislature.  He said he has a new level of respect for those serving in the Legislature - Thank you Eli.  We enjoyed having you here in the Capitol.  

Real Estate 1031 Like Kind Exchanges



Protect Oregon's Real Estate Market and Economy


In their quest to generate new state funding, the House Committee on Revenue is pursuing numerous proposals that would undermine the recovery of Oregon's real estate market. The latest proposal attacking the real estate industry and our economy, House Bill 3433, would eliminate the tax benefits of like-kind (1031) exchanges.


Currently, a 'like-kind' exchange allows investors to defer recognition of capital gains under tax laws that were first enacted by Congress in 1918 if the funds are invested again in real estate. This exchange is integral to the health of Oregon's real estate market and is one of the most fundamental components of real estate investment nationally.


Real estate investment is critical to our economy, and in 2010 contributed close to $2.9 billion (16.6% of the Gross State Product) in economic activity to strengthen our economy, communities and neighborhoods. Eliminating the tax benefits of like-kind exchanges will increase the tax burden on struggling Oregonians and take our real estate market backwards, causing further harm to a real estate market that is just beginning to recover.


That's something Oregon simply can't afford as we start to climb out of one of the most challenging recessions in history that significantly impacted housing values and the dream of home ownership.


It is my hope that this bill will be stopped at the committee level- however since it appears to be a committee bill it will probably move on to the House floor.  Perhaps with some assistance from you and all the Realtors in the state this type of legislation can be stopped at the committee level.


This is a direct link to the bill where you can find all committee members. Let them know that additional taxing is not the way to go. 







Gun control
"Nothing is over until the last gavel falls" - something one learns after about the first session in the Legislature.  The Senate scheduled and then cancelled the gun bill hearing.  It appears that the Committee Chair on the Senate side is attempting to create an "event" around the proposed legislation.  We are watching daily as we hope you are.  
I thought you might like to see this short video from an unsuspected support group. 

Another Difficult Task
Driver's License for Illegals

One Man's View



It has come to my attention that doing what is right is no longer standard operation here in Oregon, or perhaps in the United States.  When did it become acceptable to be untruthful with your employer, with constituents, with everyone in general?  How did we get to the point that it is okay to be here in the United States illegally receive benefits, feel that you are owed a driver's license and social security and in state tuition?


It is true - I struggle with this approach.  After ten years of pushing for instate tuition for student aged children who were brought here illegally by their parents, that legislation has passed through the House and is headed for the Senate Floor.  I have little hope that it will be stopped in that section of the Capitol.


Now we are being pressured to agree to returning Oregon Driver's Licenses to individuals who are here living and working in our communities.  Do you know the cost of illegals here in Oregon

"FAIR estimates that illegal immigration costs taxpayers in Oregon about $1 billion annually. The average Oregon household headed by a U.S. citizen bears an annual burden of more than $700 to cover the costs associated with illegal aliens in the state - this while the governor and legislators are supposedly looking for ways to cut unnecessary spending. 

The cost of providing K-12 education to the children of illegal aliens (including students who are themselves illegal and the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens) amounts to $575 million annually. Additionally, the cost of supplemental English language instruction is $159 million a year. Unreimbursed health care and social assistance programs cost Oregonians $92 million a year. Justice and law enforcement costs associated with illegal aliens add $140 million to the state's tab. The cost of general public services provided to Oregon's 170,000 illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children adds $79 million a year to the state's costs. "  Forest Grove News-Time 1-9-2013


Cost of Illegal Immigration


The claim on returning driver's licenses to them is that the drivers will be legally licensed to drive and they will buy insurance.  So explain to me why anyone who is okay with being here illegally, is working illegally, is going to suddenly obey the law and buy insurance?  I imagine there will be some but certainly it is not, all of a sudden, going to make our roads safer because everyone is insured.


The illegal immigrant situation is truly a national issue and must be solved at that level - however it impacts the states directly every day.  It is refreshing to see our nationally elected officials talking about solutions and looking to solve the issue.  In the meantime, states are dealing with issues of education, driver's licenses, employers and employees, state benefits such as food stamps, child care, health care and all the expense thereof. 


There is no easy answer - no easy fix but it is time to be looking seriously at taking some steps toward solving the issue.  E-verify for employers, deportation for illegals with criminal records, insisting that English is spoken in our schools and places of business.  This will only come when we force the responsibility where it belongs and giving benefits to illegals is not the answer.  Awarding individuals for wrong doing is not the way we encourage good citizenship or, for that matter, even proper behavior.




What's Happening?
Or what's coming?  Fees and Taxes and Taxes and Fees will remain at the top of the list until session is over. 

In Agriculture and Natural Resources we have discussed Canola and the growing thereof in the Willamette Valley.  We will discuss Genetically Modified Foods, Genetically Modified Salmon, Cougars and Wolves and Bears! Oh My!!  Stay tuned.  

Have you checked out the new Oregon Legislature Information System? It is very user friendly.  Click below!

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