April 4, 2013

News from Salem 

Deca and FBLA
Guests from the District
This last week we had some young visitors from Jackson and Josephine County here representing DECA and FBLA - What delightful, knowledgeable young students.   We enjoyed having you here in the Capitol.  
We also were fortunate enough to have another Grandson spend the week with us here at the Capitol.  Benjamin Thomas, age 13, was an Honorary Page for a day and had a great week helping around the building.   
Ben with Rep. Richardson  We also have had Realtors here this week - photos to follow!!  Check out the photos on my website at www.salesquivel.us




Oregon House Republican LeaderMike McLane (R - Powell Butte) released the following statement today regarding initial public hearings on the Democrat proposal on PERS, SB 822:


"There is a broad group of Oregonians supporting comprehensive PERS reform, from our school boards to local governments, from education activists to newspaper editorial boards. The Oregon Business Plan, which Gov. Kitzhaber has pointed to as his roadmap this session, makes fixing PERS a top priority.


This Democrat proposal is not comprehensive reform. We need to fix PERS this session and not put it off any longer. Our schools and children deserve it. "


I am of the opinion that the PERS issue is not, of course, and easy topic to address and certainly not an issue that will be solved easily.  However, i do know that adjustments have to be made as the system as it is now designed is simply unsustainable.  I can understand that individuals do not want to see change to their personal accounts but promises made year ago cannot be sustained.  


One simple statement I heard here in the Capitol - "for every $1000 we increase to our school funding, $500 of it goes toward PERS."  Folks - we can't make this work with those numbers - not for our students and schools and not long term for our retirees.  


Changes have to be made. 






Gun Control Hearings

Tomorrow morning, Friday April 5, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. in Hearing Room 50 your Second Amendment rights will be attacked - probably over and over again for approximately three and one half hours.  Sen. Floyd Prozanski, Eugene, will be presiding over the hearing in Senate Judiciary and will be hearing testimony (mostly from a rather stacked audience) regarding why your Second Amendment rights should be infringed upon.  
I know this may be rather a harsh statement, but it is the truth.  Nationwide and state by state our Second Amendment rights to bear arms are being whittled away - and tomorrow is the beginning of Oregon's attempt to do the same.  
I have said this before - and once again -  "Nothing is over until the last gavel falls" - something one learns after about the first session in the Legislature.  The Senate scheduled and then cancelled the gun bill hearing.  It appears that the Committee Chair on the Senate side is attempting to create an "event" around the proposed legislation. 
There is today, an anti-gun rally on the Capitol steps arranged through the courtesy of Sen. Ginny Burdick and many of the same individuals will be scheduled to speak tomorrow for the hearings.  It is our hope that just as many of you will be here as well to fill the room, the hallways, the front steps tomorrow to defend your right to bear arms.  
I have again included this short video from an unsuspected support group as well as a video by a 15 year old young woman who presents a very exacting perspective on the Second Amendment.  

Another Difficult Task - continued
Driver's License for Illegals

Civil society is based on the concept of rule of law. But the rule of law means less when laws can be deliberately ignored - when people are given permission to disobey the laws. 

Senate Bill 833 is a good example of this, as it essentially rewards illegal behavior.




If passed, SB 833 would create short-term driver privilege cards for undocumented Oregon residents.


There is no doubt that this is a nation of immigrants. For many generations, hard-working people from all over the world have helped make the United States the nation that it is. 

But those immigrants went about obtaining their citizenship the right way. My family was among them. 




The bottom line is, people who entered this country illegally have broken the law. 

By considering laws like SB 833, we are doing a huge disservice to those who would wish to go through the proper processes to obtain citizenship, like millions of Americans have done over the years - not to mention a disservice and the chipping away of the laws of the land.




I understand that people need to drive to work, and that those who immigrate here are doing so to provide better economic opportunities for their families. But SB 833 takes the wrong approach to this issue, and I intend to vote against it when given the chance.


Oregonians deserve better than to have their civil society and its rules of law undermined by poor legislation.




What's Happening?
Or what's coming?  Fees and Taxes and Taxes and Fees will remain at the top of the list until session is over. 

In Agriculture and Natural Resources we have discussed Canola and the growing thereof in the Willamette Valley.  We will discuss Genetically Modified Foods, Genetically Modified Salmon, Cougars and Wolves and Bears! Oh My!!  Stay tuned.  

Have you checked out the new Oregon Legislature Information System? It is very user friendly.  Click below!

Real Estate 101

Rep Esquivel speaking on the House Floor regarding the importance of the Mortgage Interest and the Real Estate Market in general. Realtors
Realtor friends from Southern Oregon 

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