May 28, 2013

HB 3014 Flag Bill Update

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 HB 3014  - the Flag Bill -with amendments is on its way to the Governor's Desk for signature and his office staff has stated that the Governor will sign the bill.



The process of this bill from conception through to today has been an interesting journey for Chandler Cort of Rogue River.  Again - our thanks to Chandler for bringing forth this issue.  We may have to make one more run at it to get everything we wanted - but we accomplished a great step this time by having the Public Charter Schools included in the statute.   



Thank you for your continued support on this issue.  It is always a pleasure to work through a constituent concern from start to finish.  









SALEM, OR - House Republicans are calling on their Democrat colleagues to join them in supporting a series of bills that will help Oregon's low and middle income families. The bills will reduce tax rates, increase money for classrooms, and provide flexibility when dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


"Oregon's low and middle income families are working hard to provide for their families and the Oregon Legislature should take these simple, common-sense steps to help them out," said Rep. Mike McLane (R - Powell Butte). "These measures will help low and middle-income families on a day-to-day basis. It will help them keep more money in their family budgets and more money in their kids' classrooms."


The three bills are:


  • HB 3210: Provides tax relief for lower- and middle-income Oregonians. Third party analysis of similar concepts estimate a typical family of four making $35,000 per year would save $927.00. It would stimulate the economy by providing more family income for spending and would add over $2 billion in new tax revenue over five years.


  • HB 3288: Allows 25 percent of the union dues paid by a teacher to be given to the school where the teacher works for in-classroom instructional purposes. This will provide relief for teachers who spend their own money on instructional supplies and dedicate more money for classroom spending.


  • HB 2411: Instructs the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish extended weekday and Saturday operating schedules for field offices. Right now, the DMV is only open during regular business hours Monday through Friday, which forces people to take time off of work. These current hours of operation are hard on families who must lose pay or take vacation time in order to renew their licenses or do other DMV business.


Republicans will ask the House of Representatives to bring these bills to the floor for a vote during today's Floor Session.


Abusing Powers?


It's no secret that technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Because of it, new conveniences like cell phones and Internet technology are making the world a smaller place.

But against this backdrop, the global War on Terror that we've waged since the September 11 attacks has given the federal government unprecedented powers. That, combined with this new technology, creates the potential for those powers to be abused.

Recent revelations regarding the National Security Agency's collection of Americans' cell phone data demonstrate the perils that we face in this new era. The reasonable expectation of privacy guaranteed by our founding fathers has been compromised by all of this.

Despite that, we are taking steps at the state level to reign in the potential abuses of power that technology is enabling.

House Bill 2710 is making its way through the legislative process, and has passed both the House and the Senate. That bill restricts the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones, by public bodies.

While drones have arguably been a useful tool in the War on Terror, many Americans are legitimately concerned about their possible domestic use. In anticipation of these issues, I and many of my colleagues are trying to ensure that the freedoms we cherish as a civilization and a nation are preserved.

The erosion of those rights is non-productive to any of us. We need to get our liberties back in check and reign in the government's use and possible abuse of these new technologies.



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