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 GD Subscribe CodeRepresentative Chris GorsekUntitled DocumentHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesSweeney Bill C8/29/2013 4:54 PMgdCode2.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekEast County Legislators Deliver on Priorities in 2013 SessionHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20137/15/2013 9:13 AMmonnesanderson_0715131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekLegislature Approves Full Audit of TriMetHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20137/2/2013 9:16 AMgorsek_0702131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekRep. Gorsek Calls for Audit of TriMetHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20136/6/2013 2:08 PMgorsek_0606131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekRep. Gorsek Wants Fair Treatment for StudentsHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20135/22/2013 2:11 PMGorsek_0522131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekHouse Votes to Increase Transparency of Higher Education CostsHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20134/23/2013 2:12 PMhdo_0423131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekRep. Gorsek's Proposal to Reorganize TriMet Board Gathers SupportHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20134/16/2013 2:12 PMgorsek_0416132.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekLegislation that Holds Insurance Companies Accountable for Fraud Passes the HouseHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20134/2/2013 2:57 PMhdo_040213_HB31601.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekSen. Monnes Anderson and Rep. Gorsek Announce Town Hall on EducationHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20133/4/2013 2:58 PMpr_0304131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekMonnes Anderson and Gorsek to Hold Town Hall MeetingHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesCrawford Jenny20132/5/2013 2:58 PMgorsek_0205131.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekBill to Study Free Community College Tuition Wins House ApprovalHouseDemocratOffice Website OnlyGuillen Peggy E20142/25/2014 1:30 PMhdoPRSB1524_0225141.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekHouse Votes to Create Summer Learning Grants for Highest-Need SchoolsHouseDemocratOffice Website OnlyGuillen Peggy E20143/4/2014 2:45 PMhdoPRHB4117_0304141.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekEast County Legislators Deliver on Priorities in 2015 SessionHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesMoore Scott20157/6/2015 7:28 PMEast County Sine Die Press Release1.0
 Press ReleaseRepresentative Chris GorsekHearings to Address Fairness in Juvenile QuestioningHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesMoore Scott20173/20/2017 2:35 PMJuvenileJusticeHearing1.0
 Representative Chris GorsekPRESS RELEASEHouseDemocratMain Legislative and Office WebsitesHitzert Jason2/1/2018 10:33 AMHB 2652 Rural SIP Press Release 0610151.0