February 8, 2010
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House Extends Ban on Offshore Drilling
HB 3613 extends the ban on offshore drilling in Oregon for 10 years
SALEM – The House today voted to extend the ban on offshore drilling in Oregon for 10 years.  The moratorium was first adopted in the early 1990s and readopted in 2007 with bipartisan support.  The moratorium expired thirty-seven days ago on January 2nd.
“Oregon policy has stated for decades that the primary economic use of our ocean must involve renewable resources,” said Representative Ben Cannon (D-Portland), Chair of the House Environment and Water Committee.  “Our predecessors had the wisdom to understand that fishing, crabbing, and renewable energy would supply a greater long-term source of economic prosperity than developing a few days worth of oil and natural gas.” 
Oregon’s diverse coastal economy generates approximately 5.4 billion dollars in personal income, including valuable commercial fishing, aquaculture, tourism and recreational sectors that would be at risk if offshore oil drilling were allowed in Oregon’s territorial sea.  28 groups have signed on to support this bill – from commercial fishing organizations and businesses dependent on tourist dollars to conservation groups.
“This bill is supported by a broad swath of groups that do not often agree with one another,” said Representative Deborah Boone (D-Cannon Beach).  “The reason is clear: This moratorium is good for the coastal economy, good for the environment and allows us to make smart investments in renewable technologies like wave energy.”
HB 3613 now moves to the Senate.
House Extends Ban on Offshore Drilling