Oregon House Democrats


February 15, 2012

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Jobs and Workforce Bill Heads to House Floor

Bill to Focus Worker Training Programs Passes Committee


SALEM- Another in a series of House Democrats’ jobs bills headed to the House Floor on a bipartisan vote this week as HB 4141 got the go-ahead from the House Higher Education Committee. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Michael Dembrow (D-Portland), will develop a more accountable and results-driven worker training system in Oregon to drive economic growth.

“We’re going to keep doing everything we reasonably can do to really turn the crank on Oregon’s economy, and a well trained workforce is key to that effort,” said Dembrow, a community college instructor. “We need to leverage resources to ensure that Oregon businesses are ready to grow as the economy rebounds, and that the labor force is ready to help them do it.”

Business, labor, community colleges, and community leaders will be involved in a coalition effort under HB 4141, to drive outcomes that will lead to more hiring and allow displaced workers to transition to new careers.

“Education is essential to preparing our workforce for the changing economy,” said Rep. Margaret Doherty, who co-sponsored the bill. “The state budget is stretched thin, so we need to ensure our training programs have the flexibility to do the very most with the limited dollars we have.”

HB 4141 will now move the House floor for a vote.