February 22, 2010
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House Passes Job Applicant Fairness Act
SB 1045 restricts job related credit checks, making it easier for qualified job applicants to get back to work
SALEM – The House today passed SB 1045, the Job Applicant Fairness Act.  SB 1045 will restrict job related credit checks, making it easier for qualified job applicants to get back to work.  House Democrats’ top priority during the February special session is to create jobs and help families struggling because of the recession.  The Job Applicant Fairness Act is part of that effort.
“Oregonians are out of work, and some have fallen behind on mortgage or car payments.  This makes finding employment even more important,” said Representative Tina Kotek (D-N/NE Portland), the bill’s Chief Sponsor in the House.  “It simply makes no sense to essentially punish a job seeker for not having a job.”
SB 1045 will restrict employers' access to a job applicant's credit report with limited exceptions, giving workers a fair chance to get hired based on qualifications not credit history.  The bill will preserve employers' right to check criminal records and all other job-related reference checks.
“In the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, it is absolutely unfair to discriminate against someone because they’ve had a hard time,” said Representative Val Hoyle (D-Junction City/Eugene).  “This bill removes an unfair roadblock for people who need work the most.”
“With massive and prolonged unemployment, thousands of Oregonians are struggling to find jobs and support their families,” said Senator Diane Rosenbaum, who championed the bill in the Senate.  “SB 1045 will help Oregonians get back to work by allowing them to complete for jobs based on their qualifications, not their credit history.”
SB 1045 is now moves to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

House Passes Job Applicant Fairness Act