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May 17, 2011

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Transportation, Health Care Leading Oregon’s Economic Rebound


House Democratic Leader Dave Hunt released the following statement on today's announcement that Oregon's employment rate has fallen to 9.6%, the lowest since December, 2008.  The Oregon House Democrats' Job Creation and Economic Development Progress Report is attached. 


“Thousands of new jobs in construction, manufacturing, health care and the hospitality industry all point to a growing economy that is gradually pulling Oregon out of the global recession. Coupled with our positive revenue forecast earlier this week, it’s clear that Oregon’s economy is on the mend.


“The investments we’ve made in the 2009 Jobs and Transportation Act, capital construction projects at our community colleges and universities and Healthy Kids have all led to job growth in critical sectors that are leading our recovery. Now we are seeing better than expected job growth in manufacturing and the building trades as more and more Oregonians get back to work and revitalize our economy.


“With unemployment now in single digits and job growth this year among the best in the nation, now is not the time to unnecessarily cut our schools or other critical services. As more companies come to Oregon and more jobs are created, now is the time to invest in our children, our seniors and the critical needs facing families as we emerge from this recession.


“The Governor’s call for a renewed focus on education requires this legislature to do all we can to improve funding for our schools, our early education programs and our community colleges and universities. House Democrats are committed to continuing to lead the effort to protect education.


“In addition, we’ve introduced and continue to work on passing critical jobs legislation supported by Governor Kitzhaber, and labor and business leaders. (See attached list.) These proposed laws build on the good work we did in 2009 and 2010 in the areas of transportation, construction and health care that continue to lead our economy out of this recession.”