February 25, 2010
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House Majority Leader Nolan Comments on Strong Session
Clearly focused session led to job creation and help for struggling families
Statement by House Democratic Leader Mary Nolan
“House Democrats came into this session committed to helping Oregon’s economy.  We focused on job creation and helping families struggling under the weight of this recession.  We accomplished these goals, and did so within the framework of a balanced budget.
“Small businesses are the catalyst of our economy.  Private employment will spark our recovery.  That’s why we voted to provide capital for small businesses that create new, full-time jobs in Oregon.  It’s why we worked to streamline, improve and expand the loan process for the Oregon Business Development Fund.
“We passed laws to make a real difference for Oregonians, especially families who are struggling during these difficult economic times.  We voted to extend unemployment benefits for nearly 19,000 Oregonians whose benefits have run out or will soon expire. 
“We protected Oregonians from fraud and abuse by giving consumers the chance to hold lenders accountable.  We protected families who lose their homes to foreclosure from being sued by the bank or lender that holds their 80/20 loan.  We prohibited insurance companies from discriminating against victims of sexual violence by treating that victimization as a preexisting condition.
“Oregon has been hit hard by the global economic crisis.  Unemployment is still too high.  We know that government can’t do everything, but the actions we took this session will help small businesses, out-of-work Oregonians and struggling families recover from this recession.”
House Majority Leader Nolan Comments on Strong Session