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April 15, 2013

Contact: Kevin Curry, 503-986-1351


Revenue Bill Raises Questions on Tax Filing Deadline Day


Salem, OR—As Oregonians face their tax filing deadline, House Democrats continue to push for more revenues, despite a nearly 10 percent increase in the amount of money going in to state coffers in the next biennium.


The original version of House Bill 2456 included the targeting of the home mortgage interest deduction, as well as charitable contributions. Non-profit organizations throughout the state have since reacted to the consequences of the legislation, prompting political backpedaling from members of the Democratic leadership team.


Today, the House Revenue Committee Chairman, Democrat Phil Barnhart, indicated that HB 2456 would be amended to exclude the negative impact on Oregon non-profits.


“Backdoor dealings are being used to push HB 2456 through the process, without any kind of consensus,” House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) said. “To paraphrase a recent quote from the Bend Bulletin newspaper, on the road to try and soak the rich, the plan being advanced by the Democrats will actually hurt the poor and most needy in society.”


It raises the question of, What other unintended consequences will result from this Democratic Party tax increase?


“During the 2009 session, Oregonians were subject to the same divisive rhetoric being used now. They responded by passing a tax increase that led to measures 66 and 67, which have brought approximately $1 billion in new revenue to the state,” McLane said. “But still, the majority party claims that is not enough, while continuing to ignore the opportunity to truly reform the state’s Public Employees Retirement System.”


The changes being proposed by Republican leaders in Senate Bill 754 would lessen the burdens currently being imposed on school districts, cities and counties throughout Oregon.


“As we look ahead, I think the process so far this year has been very closed,” said Rep. Jason Conger (R-Bend), a member of the House Revenue Committee.


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