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CONTACT: Nick Smith

June 30, 2011




Republicans Accomplish Key Priorities on Job Creation


SALEM— As the 2011 session adjourns, House Republicans said they were successful in restraining government spending and passing major reforms to Oregon’s education system.  Republicans also won passage of measures to incentivize private sector job creation and to streamline approval of certain economic development projects.


“House Republicans slowed the growth in state spending, and helped our private sector create more jobs,” said House Republican Leader Kevin Cameron (R-Salem). “As a result, this Legislature didn’t raise taxes and we approved the most fiscally-sustainable budget in years.  We’ve temporarily ended the Legislature’s hostility toward Oregon business, and passed several measures that will help put people back to work.”


Republicans say this year offered the most successful session on education reform in decades, including measures to promote school choice and to support innovative public schools across the state.  House Republicans also pushed to fund schools first by making the K-12 budget the first to be passed this session, and supported adding $25 million in supplemental education funding as part of the reform package.


“Education reform is a signature accomplishment for this session,” said Deputy Republican Leader Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville). “These reforms will allow parents to seek better educational opportunities for their children, and will shift education policies and spending toward improving outcomes for all students.”


Earlier in the session, House Republicans successfully passed legislation to allow Oregon businesses and citizens to benefit from federal job creation tax benefits in 2011. Republicans also achieved key priorities such as extending Oregon’s successful enterprise zone program, launching the Oregon Low Income Community Jobs Initiative, and passing bills such as HB 2700 to expedite permitting for linear infrastructure projects.


“While this assembly should have done more on the economy, we’re proud of our accomplishments to promote job creation in our state,” said Republican Whip Tim Freeman (R-Roseburg). “In addition to allowing more businesses to invest in Oregon, we stopped additional job-killing taxes and mandates that would have stifled our economic recovery.”


House Republicans worked with Democrats to develop and approve the first legislative and congressional redistricting plans in decades.  While the plans were developed through bipartisan negotiation, Republicans still believe an independent commission is needed to redraw legislative and congressional boundaries in the future.


“Redistricting is often considered the most partisan issue the Legislature can undertake, but we got it done through bipartisan discussion and compromise,” said Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R-Hillsboro), Co-Chair of the House Redistricting Committee. “We’re proud of this historic achievement, but it’s time for an independent, nonpartisan commission to take this politically-charged issue out of the hands of politicians.”


Republicans say they will return to the 2012 session with a renewed commitment to creating jobs and reforming state government.


“We understand that Oregonians continue to suffer in the poor economy, and we will not accept a ‘jobless recovery,’” Rep. Cameron said. “That’s why we will come back to the Capitol in February with new solutions to get Oregonians back to work. We will also come back with reforms to make state government more accountable and affordable to Oregon taxpayers.”




Video of House Republican News Conference on 2011 Legislative Adjournment Available at