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Oregon State Legislature News and Information


Legislator PhotoHouse Speaker Tina Kotek

Democrat - District 44 - N/NE Portland

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1200    District Phone: 503-286-0558
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, Rm. 269 Salem, Oregon 97301
District Address: Office located in Kenton Firehouse, Portland, OR

collapse Year : 2020 ‎(37)
Statement in Advance of Planned Hate Rally9/25/2020 10:37 AM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on the September Economic and Revenue Forecast9/23/2020 9:25 AM 
All Funds For $500 Emergency Relief Checks Have Been Dedicated to Oregonians in Need8/21/2020 10:50 AM 
Oregon Launches $500 Emergency Relief Check Program8/19/2020 8:00 AM 
Legislature Prioritizes Critical Public Services in Budget Rebalance Amid COVID-19 Pandemic8/11/2020 6:00 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on the conclusion of the second 2020 special session8/10/2020 11:36 PM 
Emergency Board approves more than $200 million from Coronavirus Relief Fund for Oregonians in need7/14/2020 1:15 PM 
Democratic Leaders Call for $500 Emergency Relief Checks to Oregonians Waiting for Unemployment Help7/9/2020 12:10 PM 
Legislative Leaders Appoint Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform6/30/2020 2:41 PM 
Legislature Adjourns First Special Session of 20206/26/2020 8:30 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on the Conclusion of the First Special Session of 20206/26/2020 8:19 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on the passing of former Rep. Vic Gilliam6/18/2020 3:10 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on Governor Brown’s call for a special session6/16/2020 10:30 AM 
Emergency Board allocates $247 million from Coronavirus Relief Fund to Oregonians6/5/2020 5:55 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on June 2020 Economic and Revenue Outlook5/20/2020 9:35 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on the passing of Representative Mitch Greenlick5/16/2020 11:44 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Representative Diego Hernandez5/4/2020 5:19 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Emergency Board coronavirus relief package4/23/2020 2:45 PM 
Emergency Board to allocate more than $30 million in coronavirus response funding4/22/2020 10:35 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on supporting Oregonians impacted by the coronavirus pandemic4/2/2020 2:20 PM 
Bipartisan Leaders Thank Joint Special Committee on Coronavirus Response for Work on Relief Package3/27/2020 5:45 PM 
Special Joint Committee on Coronavirus Response to hold second meeting3/19/2020 4:15 PM 
Special Joint Committee on Coronavirus Response to hold first meeting, media conference call3/17/2020 4:55 PM 
Capitol Building Will Close to Public Until Further Notice3/17/2020 4:40 PM 
Special Joint Committee on Coronavirus Response announces first meeting3/16/2020 4:55 PM 
Legislative Leadership Calls for Special Session to Address COVID-193/16/2020 4:25 PM 
Legislature Appoints Special Joint Committee on Coronavirus Response3/12/2020 5:00 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Governor Kate Brown’s climate action order3/10/2020 11:10 AM 
Legislative Emergency Board allocates $24.35 million toward urgent needs in Oregon3/9/2020 3:30 PM 
Legislative Emergency Board to meet Monday to fund urgent needs in Oregon3/6/2020 4:15 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek’s full remarks on the conclusion of the 2020 legislative session3/5/2020 5:00 PM 
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek in response to Republican leaders3/5/2020 11:30 AM 
Joint Statement on State Budgets and Critical Policies Put at Risk by Republican Government Shutdown3/4/2020 12:15 PM 
Joint Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President Peter Courtney on the Republican Walkouts3/2/2020 11:45 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on House Republicans walking off the job2/25/2020 9:50 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Senate Republicans walking off the job2/24/2020 2:00 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on March 2020 Economic and Revenue Outlook2/12/2020 9:15 AM 
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(14)
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on the December Economic and Revenue Forecast11/20/2019 9:55 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on August Economic and Revenue Forecast8/28/2019 9:00 AM 
80th Oregon Legislative Assembly wraps up historic session6/30/2019 6:20 PM 
Legislature Approves Major Investments in Education, Housing, Child Welfare, and Mental Health6/30/2019 6:00 PM 
Needed Housing Investments Hang in the Balance6/26/2019 5:00 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek announces new chief of staff6/20/2019 5:00 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on the passing of Senator Jackie Winters5/29/2019 3:30 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast5/15/2019 9:30 AM 
Speaker Tina Kotek on the House passing the Student Success Act5/1/2019 6:20 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek on the progress of the Student Success Act4/4/2019 5:15 PM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek's statement on the passing of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson2/27/2019 10:15 AM 
Updated locations for the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction public hearings2/20/2019 2:41 PM 
Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction announces public hearing dates2/12/2019 2:00 PM 
House Approves Transparency Rule Changes1/14/2019 4:48 PM 
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(11)
Speaker Kotek Announces 2019 House Committee Assignments12/20/2018 8:09 AM 
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek on Oregon Court of Appeals Ruling12/5/2018 4:25 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast5/23/2018 9:40 AM 
Press Release: Legislative Revenue Officer Selected5/14/2018 4:30 PM 
Speaker Tina Kotek Issues Statement on Special Session4/24/2018 4:10 PM 
Joint Committee on Student Success Continues Statewide Tour in Baker City, Hermiston4/16/2018 4:45 PM 
Joint Committee on Student Success Kicks off Statewide Tour in Lane County Thursday3/21/2018 3:47 PM 
Joint Committee on Student Success to Visit  Lane County Schools, Hold Hearing March 223/13/2018 4:52 PM 
State invests in housing, child welfare, mental health care and economic development 3/3/2018 5:41 PM 
Rent Burden, Racial Disparities in Housing Legislation Passes Oregon House 3/1/2018 6:03 PM 
 Leaders Ask Oregon Law Commission to Review Harassment Policies2/22/2018 5:36 PM 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(13)
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek on Trump Administration’s Decision to End DACA9/5/2017 9:39 AM 
Legislature Adjourns 2017 Legislative Session 7/7/2017 3:29 PM 
Affordable Housing Crisis Dominates 2017 Legislative Session7/7/2017 1:00 PM 
Legislature Advances $1.3 Billion Bonding Package7/3/2017 11:20 AM 
Oregon Legislators Commemorate Vanport Flood Anniversary, Honor Survivors5/30/2017 1:00 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast5/16/2017 9:00 AM 
Oregon House Leaders Announce Plan to Reform Business Taxes, Invest in Education5/4/2017 11:33 AM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek Responds to Report from Cost-Containment Work Group4/21/2017 3:23 PM 
Bipartisan Legislation Aims to Spur Economic Development at Oregon’s Border with Idaho2/23/2017 12:10 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast2/22/2017 9:31 AM 
Imam Delivers Invocation to Open 2017 Legislative Session in Oregon House of Representatives2/1/2017 12:00 PM 
Tina Kotek Re-Elected Oregon House Speaker, Focuses on Equality in Opening Remarks to the 79th Legislative Assembly1/9/2017 1:00 PM 
Speaker Kotek Announces 2017 House Committee Assignments12/21/2016 5:21 PM 
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(10)
Democratic Leaders of the Oregon House of Representatives Issue Statement on the Aftermath of the Presidential Election11/16/2016 9:15 AM 
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek on Supreme Court Ruling on Immigration6/24/2016 4:00 PM 
Joint Transportation Committee Releases Schedule for Statewide Summer Tour5/18/2016 3:00 PM 
Legislative Leaders Appoint Joint Committee to Develop Transportation Package4/27/2016 2:56 PM 
Oregon Legislature Adjourns 2016 Legislative Session3/3/2016 1:15 PM 
Oregon Legislature Takes Steps to Address Affordable Housing Crisis3/3/2016 12:00 PM 
State Budget Changes Move Forward as End of 2016 Session Nears3/1/2016 2:00 PM 
Speaker Kotek Creates Small Business Growth Committee2/25/2016 12:20 PM 
Oregon House Opens 2016 Session with Steps to Improve Government Transparency2/1/2016 8:58 AM 
House Speaker Tina Kotek Releases Statement on Governor Brown's Minimum Wage Proposal1/14/2016 2:10 PM 
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(10)
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on December Economic and Revenue Forecast12/2/2015 10:00 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on September Economic and Revenue Forecast8/26/2015 8:45 AM 
Legislature Adjourns 2015 Legislative Session: Brings Major Wins for Working Families, Women7/6/2015 6:12 PM 
Hallmarks of 2015 Bonding Package: School Safety, Affordable Housing, Transportation7/3/2015 5:59 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on May Economic and Revenue Forecast5/14/2015 9:15 AM 
House Passes Stable School Budget, Funds Full-Day Kindergarten For First Time In State History3/31/2015 1:35 PM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Appointment of Jeanne Atkins as Oregon Secretary of State3/6/2015 11:40 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast2/19/2015 9:30 AM 
Statement by House Speaker Tina Kotek on the Swearing in of Kate Brown as Oregon's 38th Governor2/18/2015 10:30 AM 
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek on Governor Kitzhaber's Resignation2/13/2015 1:00 PM 
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(16)
Kotek Announces 2015 House Committee Assignments12/12/2014 2:36 PM 
Kotek Signs Oregon Friendship Agreement With Tianjin Province6/11/2014 1:17 PM 
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek on Completion of 2014 Legislative Session3/7/2014 6:25 PM 
House Approves Bonding for Education and Research Facilities3/7/2014 4:30 PM 
Statement from House Speaker Tina Kotek on the I-5 Bridge Replacement Project 3/7/2014 4:10 PM 
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September 24, 2020Coronavirus and Wildfire Update: Progress on Fires, Troubling COVID-19 Data 
September 23, 2020Coronavirus and Wildfire Update: Nation Surpasses 200,000 Deaths  
September 18, 2020Coronavirus and Wildfire Update: PPE for Small Businsess and Child Care Providers 
September 16, 2020Coronavirus and Wildfire Update: Taking Care of Your Mental Health 
September 15, 2020Coronavirus and Wildfire Update: Stay Safe From Smoke, Testing Impacted by Fires 
September 11, 2020Coronavirus and Wildfire Update: Thank You to First Responders 
September 9, 2020Coronavirus Update: Wildfires Engulf Oregon 
September 4, 2020Coronavirus Update: Stay Safe and Save Lives This Labor Day Weekend 
September 2, 2020Coronavirus Update: State of Emergency Extended, PPS Resources 
September 1, 2020Coronavirus Update: Foreclosure Protections Extended, Thoughts on Portland Protests 
August 21, 2020Coronavirus Update: Emergency Payments to Reach 70,000 Oregonians 
August 19, 2020Coronavirus Update: $500 Emergency Relief Checks Available Statewide 
August 18, 2020Coronavirus Update: We Need More Testing Capacity 
August 14, 2020Coronavirus Update: The Basics of the Eviction Moratorium 
August 12, 2020Coronavirus Update: Special Session Recap 
August 7, 2020Coronavirus Update: Hopeful Signs as Oregon Reaches 20,000 Cases 
August 5, 2020Coronavirus Update: Rising Cases in Younger Oregonians 
August 4, 2020Coronavirus Update: A Frustrating Step Backward 
July 31, 2020Coronavirus Update: Silver Linings to End a Challenging Month 
July 28, 2020Coronavirus Update: The Plan to Reopen Schools Safely 
July 27, 2020Coronavirus Update: Are You Wearing A Face Covering Properly? 
July 24, 2020Coronavirus Update: Let’s All Do Our Part! 
July 22, 2020Coronavirus Update: New Requirements on Masks and Gatherings 
July 21, 2020Coronavirus Update: New COVID-19 Testing Locator Website 
July 20, 2020Coronavirus Update: Keep Your Guard Up, New Online PUA Application 
July 16, 2020Coronavirus Update: New Daily Record, A Look at 'Underlying Conditions' 
July 14, 2020Coronavirus Update: Emergency Board Approves Critical Funding for Oregonians in Need 
July 13, 2020Coronavirus Update: New Statewide Safety Rules 
July 9, 2020Coronavirus Update: Emergency Relief Checks, New Daily Record of Cases 
July 7, 2020Coronavirus Update: Young People Getting COVID, More Answers on Unemployment 
July 6, 2020Coronavirus Update: Remember the 3 Ws 
July 1, 2020Coronavirus Update: Face Coverings Required, Updates on Policing Reforms 
June 30, 2020Coronavirus Update: Emergency Extended, More on Face Coverings 
June 29, 2020Coronavirus Update: Face Coverings, Latest Modeling and Housing Protections 
June 26, 2020Coronavirus Update: Special Session, Unemployment Update and Resources 
June 23, 2020Coronavirus Update: Masks, Special Session, and Rent and Energy Assistance 
June 19, 2020Coronavirus Update: Guidelines on Face Coverings, Reflections on Juneteenth 
June 18, 2020Coronavirus Update: Multnomah County Reopens Tomorrow 
June 17, 2020Coronavirus Update: Multnomah County To Reopen, New Mask Policy 
June 16, 2020Coronavirus Update: Special Session Called and Cases Are Up 
June 15, 2020Coronavirus Update: Answering Questions about Unemployment 
June 12, 2020Coronavirus Update: Pressing Pause on Reopening 
June 10, 2020Coronavirus Update: Ready Schools, Safe Learners 
June 9, 2020Coronavirus Update: Face Coverings, Restaurants and Unemployment 
June 8, 2020Coronavirus Update: Weddings Under Phase 2 Reopening 
June 5, 2020Coronavirus Update: More Relief Funds Coming, A Reflection on the Pandemic  
June 3, 2020Coronavirus Update: Phase 2 Reopening and Other Announcements 
June 2, 2020Coronavirus Update: Staying Housed, Plan for Police Accountability 
June 1, 2020Coronavirus Update: Protests During A Pandemic 
May 29, 2020Coronavirus Update: Employment Department to Answer Questions Tomorrow 
May 28, 2020Coronavirus Update: Washington County to Reopen, Reflections on George Floyd 
May 27, 2020Coronavirus Update: 100,000 Deaths in the United States 
May 26, 2020Coronavirus Update: How to Access Rent Assistance 
May 22, 2020Coronavirus Update: Stay Safe this Memorial Day Weekend 
May 21, 2020Coronavirus Update: Information on Unemployment Benefits 
May 20, 2020Coronavirus Update: State Economic Forecast, Summer Camp Guidelines 
May 19, 2020Coronavirus Update: Guidelines for Outdoor Recreation and Transit 
May 18, 2020Coronavirus Update: Children’s Mental Health, Coronavirus Relief Fund 
May 15, 2020Coronavirus Update: More Stores to Reopen and the Importance of Face Coverings 
May 14, 2020Coronavirus Update: 31 Counties Approved for Phase 1, Guidelines for Face Coverings 
May 13, 2020Coronavirus Update: Child Inflammatory Syndrome, Personal Services Guidelines 
May 12, 2020Coronavirus Update: Budget Challenges, Restaurants and Bars 
May 11, 2020Coronavirus Update: Counties Start to Plan for Reopening 
May 8, 2020Coronavirus Update: Unemployment Update 
May 7, 2020Coronavirus Update: First Phase of Reopening Oregon 
May 6, 2020Coronavirus Update: Zip Codes, School Meals, Energy Assistance, and Pets! 
May 5, 2020Coronavirus Update: State Parks Opening and Watch Out for Scams 
May 4, 2020Coronavirus Update: Keep On Keeping On 
May 1, 2020Coronavirus Update: Governor Announces New Guidance for Reopening Oregon 
April 30, 2020Coronavirus Update: Stay the Course! 
April 29, 2020Coronavirus Update: What is Contact Tracing? 
April 28, 2020Coronavirus Update: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is Open! 
April 27, 2020Coronavirus Update: Update on Unemployment Benefits, New Symptom Guidelines 
April 24, 2020Coronavirus Update: Your Efforts Lead to Progress 
April 23, 2020Coronavirus Update: Emergency Board and New Medical Guidelines 
April 22, 2020Coronavirus Update: Support for Oregonians on the Front Line 
April 21, 2020Coronavirus Update: Emergency Board, New Testing Guidelines 
April 20, 2020Coronavirus Update: Planning for the Next Phase 
April 17, 2020Coronavirus Update: More Encouraging Data, Answering Your Questions 
April 16, 2020Coronavirus Update: Support Lines for Seniors and the Latest News 
April 15, 2020Coronavirus Update: Avoid Scams, Seek Out Trustworthy Sources 
April 14, 2020Coronavirus Update: Framework for Reopening the Economy 
April 13, 2020Coronavirus Update: New Projections for Oregon and Food Bank Funding 
April 10, 2020Coronavirus Update: Your Questions, More Mental Health Resources 
April 9, 2020Coronavirus Update: The Latest from the Legislature 
April 8, 2020Coronavirus Update: In-Person Classes Canceled for School Year 
April 7, 2020Coronavirus Update: Resources for Food Service Workers  
April 6, 2020Coronavirus Update: You Are Making A Difference 
April 3, 2020Coronavirus Update: Answering Your Questions 
April 2, 2020Coronavirus Update: Ensuring No Oregonian Falls Through The Cracks 
April 1, 2020Coronavirus Update: Health Insurance and Unemployment Benefits 
March 31, 2020Coronavirus Update: When Schools Are Closed 
March 30, 2020Coronavirus Update: We're In This Together 
March 27, 2020Coronavirus Update: Federal Stimulus Signed, State Action Coming 
March 26, 2020Coronavirus Update: Legislators Make Progress on Relief Package 
March 25, 2020Coronavirus Update: Take Care of Your Mental Health 
March 24, 2020Coronavirus Update: How You Can Help 
March 23, 2020Coronavirus Update: New Order to Stay Home, Save Lives 
March 20, 2020Coronavirus Update: Stay Home, Stay Healthy 
March 19, 2020Coronavirus Update: Our Work on Housing Protections 
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