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What are Legislative Days at the Capitol? 


Legislative Days Offer Opportunities
for Engagement Between Sessions


DSC08514.jpgSince Oregon voters adopted annual sessions in 2010, the Legislature meets for a maximum of 160 days in odd numbered years and 35 days in even numbered years. The period of time in between sessions is called the interim. The Legislature convenes periodically during the interim for special meeting days, called "Legislative Days."  Legislative Days happen approximately every eight weeks and last for three days.  

During Legislative Days, the interim Committees may hold informational hearings on topics that could lead to legislation in the next session or Committees may hear update on implementation of past legislation.  Interim Committees use the time provided in Legislative Days to investigate topic areas, hear reports from agencies and Task Forces, and keep current on the subject areas of the Committees.  During Legislative Days, the Senate may convene for the purpose of making executive appointments. 

The next Legislative Days will be held on November 20th- 22nd.  Interim Committee meeting times can be found here During the November Legislative Days, Committees will be meeting to discuss proposed bills for the 2012 short session, set to begin February 3, 2014.  Contact your Legislator or Committee Staff to get more information on involvement in Legislative Days. 

Interested in learning more? Watch the Citizen's Guide to the Legislative Process below, or check out the Legislative Informational Videos page


Legislative CalendarLegislative Calendar

November Legislative Days:
November 20 - 22

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