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 Legislative Fiscal Staff

Staff Member
Ken Rocco
Legislative Fiscal Officer
  • Columbia River Gorge Commission
  • *District Attorneys and Their Deputies
  • Emergency Board
  • *Justice Department
  • ORBITS Coordination

("*" temporary assignment change)

Daron Hill
Deputy Legislative Fiscal Officer
  • ​Governor, Office of the
  • Indian Services, Commission on
  • Legislative Branch
  • General Fund Appropriation Growth Limit
  • Bonded Indebtedness/Certificate of Participation
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Construction/Capital Financing
  • Salary Adjustment and Employee Benefits
  • Statewide Numbers Coordination
Linda Ames
Principal Legislative Analyst
  • Blind, Commission for the
  • Oregon Health Authority
  • Psychiatric Security Review Board
  • Oregon Health Plan Coordination
  • Human Services Subcommittee Scheduling
Steve Bender
Principal Legislative Analyst
  • Business Development Department, Oregon
  • Judicial Fitness and Disability, Commission on
  • Judicial Department
  • Lottery, Oregon State
  • Public Defense Services Commission
  • Secretary of State
  • Economic Development Program Area Coordination
  • Trans./Economic Dev. Subcommittee Scheduling
John Borden
Senior Legislative Analyst
  • Advocacy Commissions Office, Oregon
  • Employment Relations Board
  • Government Ethics Commission, Oregon
  • Library, Oregon State
  • Public Employees Retirement System
  • Military Department
  • Revenue, Department of
  • Treasurer of State
  • Administration Program Area Coordination
  • General Government Committee Scheduling
Laurie Byerly
Principal Legislative Analyst
  • Human Services, Department of
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Human Services Program Area Coordination
  • Budget Instructions
Bob Cummings
Principal Legislative (IT) Analyst
  • Information Management & Technology Coordination
  • Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology
Michelle Deister
Senior Legislative Analyst
  • Energy, Department of
  • Employment Department
  • Housing and Community Services Department
  • Liquor Control Commission, Oregon
  • Public Utility Commission
  • Racing Commission
  • Veterans’ Affairs, Department of
Linda Gilbert
Principal Legislative Analyst
  • Aviation, Department of
  • *Corrections, Department of
  • Forestry, Department of
  • Geology and Mineral Industries, Department of
  • Parks and Recreation Department
  • State Lands, Department of
  • Transportation, Department of
  • Youth Authority, Oregon
  • Transportation Program Area Coordination
  • Public Safety Program Area Coordination
  • Public Safety Subcommittee Scheduling

("*" temporary assignment change)
Krista McDowell
Legislative Analyst
  • *Construction Contractors Board
  • *Land Conservation and Development, Dept. of
  • *Land Use Board of Appeals
  • Fiscal Impact Program Areas
    • Economic Development
    • Natural Resources

("*" temporary assignment change)
Sean McSpaden
Principal Legislative (IT) Analyst
  • ​Information Management & Technology Coordination
  • Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology
  • Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission
Paul Siebert
Principal Legislative Analyst
  • Administrative Services, Department of
  • Agriculture, Department of
  • Environmental Quality, Department of
  • Fish and Wildlife, Department of
  • Oregon University System
  • Watershed Enhancement Board, Oregon
  • Natural Resources Program Area Coordination
  • Natural Resources Subcommittee Scheduling
  • Performance Measure Coordination
  • Joint Legislative Audit Committee/Audit Coordination
Matt Stayner
Legislative Analyst
  • Chiropractic Examiners, Board of
  • Dentistry, Board of
  • Pharmacy, Board of
  • Tax Practitioners, Board of
  • *Water Resources Department
  • Fiscal Impact Program Areas
    • Administration and Support Services
    • Consumer and Business Services
    • Salary Adjustment and Employee Benefits
  • Liquidated and Delinquent Accounts Receivable
  • Assistance with Joint Legislative Audit Committee

("*" temporary assignment change)
Legislative Analyst
  • *Criminal Justice Commission
  • Health Licensing Agency
  • Health-Related Licensing Boards
    • Mortuary and Cemetery Board
    • Naturopathic Examiners
    • Medical Imaging
    • Occupational Therapy Licensing
    • Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
    • Veterinary Medical Examining Board
  • *Labor and Industries, Bureau of
  • *Police, Department of State
  • Fiscal Impact Program Areas
    • Public Safety
    • Judicial Branch
  • Semi-Independent Agency Review
  • Assistance with Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission

("*" temporary assignment change)
Kim-Chi To
Legislative Analyst
  • Accountancy, Board of
  • *Consumer and Business Services, Department of
  • Counselors and Therapists, Board of Licensed Prof.
  • Psychological Examiners, Board of
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Fiscal Impact Program Areas
    • Human Services
    • Legislative Branch
  • *Consumer/Business Services Program Area Coordination
  • Committee on Performance Excellence
  • Semi-Independent Agency Review

("*" temporary assignment change)
Tim Walker
Legislative Analyst
  • Nursing, Board of
  • *Marine Board
  • Medical Board, Oregon
  • *Parole and Post-Prison Supervision, Board of
  • *Public Safety Standards and Training, Department of
  • Social Workers, Board of Licensed
  • Fiscal Impact Program Areas
    • Education
    • Transportation
  • Fiscal Impact Supervisor
  • Assistance with Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology

("*" temporary assignment change)
Doug Wilson
Principal Legislative Analyst
  • Community Colleges and Workforce Development, Dept. of
  • Education, Department of (Operations)
  • Education, Department of (State School Fund)
  • Higher Education Coordinating Commission
  • Oregon Education Investment Board
  • Oregon Health and Science University, Public Corp.
  • Student Access Commission, Oregon
  • Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
  • Education Program Area Coordination
  • Education Subcommittee Scheduling
Gina Rumbaugh
Committee Manager
Lynn Buchanan
Administrative Support