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McLain touts Ways & Means position, talks billsPamplin Media1/9/20192019
Autonomous cars arriving sooner than you thinkEast Oregonian10/4/20182018
Susan McLain discusses education in Forest GroveForest Grove News Times7/31/20182018
First meeting of Task Force on Autonomous Vehicles to convene April 18, 2018Lincoln City Homepage4/11/20182018
DACA tele-town hall set for WednesdayEast Oregonian4/6/20182018
Oregon moves toward state net neutrality lawNews Channel 21 (KTVZ)2/26/20182018
Oregon lawmakers approve bill to make health care a constitutional rightJurist2/14/20182018
McLain: Session an opportunity for accountability in governmentHillsboro Tribune2/7/20182018
Washington County lawmakers and educators open the floor for kids' concernsKATU1/18/20182018
High school students asked to weigh in on state issues at forumHillsboro Tribune1/12/20182018
Pass Clean Energy Jobs bill for farmers, first responders, familiesHillsboro Tribune12/20/20172017
'How to help community' is focus of McLain meetingForest Grove News Times12/6/20172017
Community breaks ground on Cornelius PlaceForest Grove News Times9/23/20172017
State Rep. Susan McLain tours Habitat for Humanity site in FGForest Grove News Times9/13/20172017
Writers laud McLain, Sollman, Riley, while taking county building department to taskForest Grove News Times8/30/20172017
McLain talks transportation, schools in CorneliusForest Grove News Times8/2/20172017
Bag&Baggage gets funding for Cultural Innovation ProgramHillsboro Tribune7/20/20172017
Democrats pitch revenue proposalBeaverton Valley Times6/17/20172017
Before kids can succeed, they need to arrive safelyForest Grove News Times3/29/20172017
Oregon Legislature Considering Foster Children’s ‘Sibling Bill Of Rights’ Open Minds3/26/20172017
Hillsboro Chamber hosts state legislators at panel eventHillsboro Tribune 1/9/20172017
Rep takes her coffee with some conversationForest Grove News Times9/21/20162016
McLain secures $500,000 in lottery funds for Cornelius PlaceHillsboro Tribune3/3/20162016
Forest Grove's School Based Health Center fights stereotypes to bring array of health care services to students and staffForest Grove News Times2/17/20162016
Editorial: Sometimes brown is better than greenThe Bend Bulletin1/24/20162016
Small businesses are key to a healthy economyHillsboro Tribune12/10/20152015
State now has a more stable footing for educationHillsboro Tribune 10/30/20152015
Governor signs McLain's license plate bill into lawHillsboro Tribune8/20/20152015
Legislation makes Oregon betterPamplin Media Group7/29/20152015
Gallegos, McLain host town hall eventHillsboro Tribune7/9/20152015
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