September, 2007


Hello All,


My life has changed a great deal since I last wrote at the end of one of the most successful legislative sessions in memory. I have boxes of material, meetings in the District instead of committees, and weekday nights at home in Eugene. 



At The Capitol


The Oregon State Capitol building is being prepared for its first major remodel in over 30 years.  This is no simple facelift: the work is needed to bring wiring up to code, to ensure that drinking water is safe (tap water hasn’t been drinkable for several years), update the patchwork communications system, reduce fire hazards, shore up the building against the threat of an earthquake, and make things more efficient.

As the gavel dropped, sounding the end of the session, staff was beginning the work to move all Legislators and the Legislative Counsel, Revenue, and Fiscal offices out of the “wings” of the Capitol to temporary facilities. The day after session ended, I packed up pictures, personal and desk supplies, then returned to my regular job at Orbis Cascade Alliance a week later.  Fortunately, Tim, my Legislative Aide, was able to spend the next couple of weeks cleaning up the office and packing the remainder of the materials bound for storage in Salem or for our new District office (described below).


Interim Committee Assignments


I was appointed to two committees for the interim.  1) Emergency Board, commonly known as E-Board.  This body is responsible for handling budget adjustments during the interim while the full legislative body is absent.  They handle any emergency requests and pressing budget adjustments.  2) Vice-Chair of the Committee on Ways and Means. I look forward to continue working with my colleagues to ensure financial stability and responsibility while the needs of Oregonians are met and their opportunities are expanded.


Recent Meetings


While committee action has been slow, my meeting schedule has been quite busy since the session ended.  Below is a sampling of the groups and individuals I have been meeting with and the issues I have been discussing:


  • I spoke to the 2007 Local Public Safety Coordinating Council conference about the benefit of collaboration among government and non-governmental agencies involved in the criminal justice system and human services, and my bill (HB 3369) that passed this session to help improve the effectiveness of the local councils.
  • River Road Community Organization regarding a proposed new development.
  • Discussion with Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and acting City Manager Angel Jones regarding funding secured (Nathanson bills HB 3224 & HB 3223) to help prepare for the Eugene ’08 Olympic Trials.
  • All day planning meeting for the Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network.  I’ll write more about that another time.
  • Human services issues, discussion with representative of Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth and Centro Latino Americano
  • Jefferson-Westside Neighbors executive board meeting
  • Commissioner Faye Stewart, Commissioner Bobby Green, and Lane Council of Governments Director George Kloeppel, to discuss dealing with the loss of federal revenue.
  • Celebrating the Farm Direct Nutrition Program for kids and seniors, at Eugene’s Farmers Market
  • Toured proposed telecommunications site at Christmas Valley and other Oregon National Guard facilities and training exercises at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls.
  • Met with local representatives of the State Department of Environmental Quality to discuss local issues including the rail yard cleanup and JH Baxter site
  • Met with ODOT officials to discuss immediate, short term solutions to improve the safety of the Delta/Beltline traffic area (more permanent, multi-million dollar solutions are years away).

Town Hall


On July 25 Representative Chris Edwards and I joined together to host another Town Hall.  This one at Ray’s Food Place in Santa Clara.  We provided a wrap-up of the recent legislative session, highlighting action, successes, failures, and what’s coming up  next. I covered topics such as ombudsmen to check on people in nursing homes, insurance rate review, access  to lower-cost health insurance, consumer protection, reducing energy use, and concerns about the loss of federal funds for Lane and several other counties.


In the District


In early August I moved into a new office in the center of the metropolitan area that I will share with several local legislators: Rep. Phil Barnhart, Rep. Terry Beyer, Rep. Chris Edwards, Sen. Vicki Walker and I.  While the legislators have day jobs or other responsibilities that keep them moving in and out of the office, staff will be there to answer constituent calls, work on constituent issues, handle schedules and help work on our legislative responsibilities.  It is our hope that by pooling staff and resources we will save money and better serve all of our constituent and legislative needs.  Last week we had our Grand Opening event.  A wonderful mix of advocates, constituents and local activists, local and county officials, and representatives from our congressional delegations offices were able to stop by to celebrate the opening.  I enjoyed seeing and speaking with many of you.


District News


The Oregon Department of Transportation has added new signs on Beltline Highway between Interstate 5 and 11th Street (Oregon 126) marking Beltline Highway as Oregon 569.  Signs will be installed on the Beltline itself, and on approaching roadway connections that have ramp access to the highway. 


ODOT says "The Eugene–Springfield metro area contains four freeway systems and ODOT is confident this State Highway improvement will provide motorists with a more defined level of direction to reach their destinations with the new Oregon 569 route markers as a guidance tool."


Personal Note


While the transition from the Capitol was a bit hectic, it’s nice to be home again.  Summers in Eugene with the County Fair, Eugene Celebration, and Farmers Market are not to be missed. My garden appreciates the extra care it has been receiving, and Lily, my cat, is ecstatic not do be making the commute to Salem each week.


I appreciate your emails and calls and look forward to hearing from you and seeing you more in the district.




Nancy Nathanson

State Representative District 13


Please click here to to acces my legislative web page.



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