Representative Nancy Nathanson
September 2011  
UO track town with Merkley

Rep Nathanson talks with Senator Merkley and UO Vice President of Research, Dr. Kimberly Espy, about the preparations for the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
During this interim, my plate is full. I'm serving on a number of workgroups and committees that cover transportation and economic development, the state budget, government efficiency, court facilities, and the state library and archives. Some workgroups have already started to meet and the "regular" policy committees will all meet in Salem over three days next week.  You can visit my legislative website for a list of other committee assignments.
In the past couple of months I've participated in community events such as the opening of the Southbound Willamette (I-5) Bridge, Lane Workforce Partnership Business Awards, opening of a community veterinary clinic, annual celebration at Lane Independent Living Alliance, and the School District 4-J "back to school" gathering. I spent four days in Portland for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) annual conference, which brings public and private sector attendees from Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, and Alberta to address common issues and interests.  I focused my time primarily on transportation (especially rail!) and renewable energy.
Rail discussion w/ Parsons people

Rep Nathanson discusses the future of rail in Oregon.

The voters approved annual legislative sessions last November, which means the legislature is already ramping up for the short session to take place February 2012. Please feel free to contact me to share your ideas and thoughts. You can email me at or call 541-343-2206.


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Help for small businesses
Going paperless in Salem
Delta sign update
Serving veterans
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Capitol News

Help for small businesses 

Pawn shop

A local pawn shop owner
  discusses businesses operation and their work with local police to return stolen property.

The U.S. Treasury awarded Oregon $16.5 million in August as part of the 2010 Small Business Jobs Act.  This infusion of money provides small businesses with access to capital and the opportunity to expand and create more jobs. Distributed through Business Oregon, the money will be split between three funds: $10 million to the credit enhancement program; $4 million to the capital access program that helps insure risky deals; and $2.5 million to the business development fund that extends direct loans. This trio of programs aided 150 projects between 2009 and 2011. In addition to these programs, Business Oregon also has an additional 5 financing programs. More information can be found on their website.


That same month the University of Nebraska released a study identifying Oregon as "entrepreneur-friendly" and ranking as fifth best in the nation for small business growth.  Times are still tough, and unemployment too high, but the objective data from these outside resources shows some hope.

Going paperless in Salem

The 2011 legislative session was the first regular legislative session to go almost completely paperless. In years past each legislative office received paper copies of all bills, amendments to bills, committee agendas, daily legislative schedules, and more.  This year, paper purchased was reduced by over 25% for all legislative branch offices, including committee services, fiscal & revenue offices, the chief clerk, and legislators' offices. The paper-reduction projects have dramatically reduced paper consumption and made more information quickly available to the public by posting materials online. In my office we even returned a rather large filing cabinet that was no longer needed! 

District News

Delta sign update

FHWA Mendez

Rep Nathanson joins Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez for the opening of the Southbound Willamette Bridge (I-5).

After several years of pressing hard for safety improvements along the Delta Highway Corridor and Beltline, and helping bring people together to find a solution, I was happy to receive notice that the variable message sign (VMS) on northbound Delta Highway went live on August 8th. The VMS displays critical messages only when traffic starts to pile up on Delta Highway or Randy Papè Beltline Highway; most of the time it remains dark. This real-time warning system should help prevent crashes and save lives.

Joining forces to serve veterans

You may remember in 2009 I championed legislation to help identify more veterans, connect them with their much-deserved benefits, and bring more federal aid for veterans to Oregon. In 2011 I co-sponsored legislation that expands those efforts.

I continue to be committed to helping our veteran community and was pleased to join Tom Mann, Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs, for a discussion with Food for Lane County, and later with Lane County Human Services, about a more proactive approach for reaching out to veterans through local food banks, and other community services. Good things happen when we can bring people together to build new partnerships to serve our community.

Upcoming events: Town Hall with Representative Val Hoyle

Please join me on Monday, October 17th at 5:00 PM for a town hall. Represenative Val Hoyle and I will be discussing the 2011 legislative session and next steps.


Town Hall_March 2011This is a great opportunity to learn more about the accomplishments of the legislative session the the work we're doing in the interim before the next session in February 2012. Your thoughts and comments are very important to hear as we plan for the future.


What: Town Hall with  

          Representatives Nancy Nathanson & Val Hoyle

When: Monday, October 17th at 5:00 PM

Where: Campbell Senior Center

            155 High Street, Eugene, OR 97401