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Summer hasn't been so slow after all.  
May, June, July 2016
Funding for local arts organizations. Google Trekker. Sitting is a public health issue.  
Dear friends,

Many of you know that I have been appointed to a new role in the legislature, with state-wide significance.  In May I was honored to be appointed by Speaker of the House Tina Kotek as Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. That means I'm one of two chief budget writers, along with Senator Richard Devlin, responsible for developing the state's biennial budget, which is nearly $70 billion for the 2015-17 biennium. 

Most recently I have served as Co-Chair of the Human Services Subcommittee of Joint Ways and Means, overseeing the state's healthcare and human services budget. I have also served on the Public Safety and General Government subcommittees, which include budgets for Departments of Corrections, Justice, Military and Emergency Management, Secretary of State, Governor, Treasurer, Revenue, and many other agencies, boards, and commissions.

I am following through with several issues associated with my continuing appointments as co-chair of two joint committees, Human Services and Information Management and Technology.  With the new appointment, my portfolio has grown to cover all budget areas, including natural resources, public safety, transportation and economic development, education, capital construction, etc. In other words, everything. It's a good thing that I've always enjoyed being a "generalist."

New funding for local cultural arts programs
Delgani String Quartet
Delgani String Quartet performs in House Chamber, 2015

The Oregon Cultural Trust has awarded grants to three local programs, to reach more people in our area. The Lane County Cultural Coalition was awarded almost $40,000; the Delgani String Quartet (who performed at the Capitol during the 2015 session!) was awarded over $5,000; and the Eugene Springfield Youth Orchestras received nearly $14,000. With school districts and youth programs under budget pressure and cutting extra-curricular activities, programs like these help young people experience all of the arts that Eugene has to offer. Congratulations to all of the recipients!
Cool technology we can use here, and for tourism

Google Trekker

Travel Lane County has partnered with Google Trekker for a four-month project to capture panoramic views of 65 local trails and waterways, over 200 miles all together. Our region has amazing outdoor areas.  I got to see a glimpse of it demonstrated at a recent conference, and I think you'll enjoy looking at it, too. This new tool is ready for use!
On the website, you'll get to see the clever way that special cameras were used (on foot, by boat, etc.) as well as check out the options for hiking or places you might want to visit. See Google Trekker for Lane County
Stepping into my new role

Since I was appointed Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, the pace has picked up in our office (as if I wasn't already busy enough)! Because of the flood of meeting requests now coming in, I spent almost a whole week in July in Salem and Portland hearing about issues that will factor into the 2017-2019 biennial budget and policy choices. Topics included health care providers, flood plains, youth corrections, home care for seniors, college students, online car trip booking networks, the film industry, family friendly policies, and more.

Another stop while in Portland was to visit the set of TNT's "The Librarians." Its production supports a variety of businesses and jobs including electrical work, food services, makeup and costumes, carpentry, and more. A wide range of projects choose Oregon as a location for production. This summer alone Oregon will have three TV series and a feature film shooting in different regions of the state.

Librarians set-monitors
Librarians set-Wardrobe

The Oregon Film & Video Office is currently tracking more than $200M in production work being done here in the state. Since 2005, when the incentive fund was created, the number of tracked jobs has climbed from just 500 to more than 3,000 in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. As a point of reference, Season 2 of "The Librarians," in just the third quarter of 2015, engaged and paid almost 300 local vendors for work done on that series in only a 3 month period. Even the small budget independent feature "Black Road," produced and shot in Ashland and Brookings, engaged more than 70 local vendors.    

As a brand, Oregon is highlighted in all of these productions, from the Oscar nominated movie "Wild" to the Emmy & Peabody Award winning series "Portlandia."  Most recently, the Eugene-produced independent feature film "Tracktown" had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival followed by its Oregon premiere at the McDonald Theater in Eugene during the Olympic team trials.
Affordable Housing

OPB explains "Mobile home parks are perhaps the largest privately provided source of affordable housing in the state."  From my past e-news you've read about how hard I've worked over the past five terms passing bills to protect this type of housing and expand protections for the manufactured home owners (or renters) who rent spaces in these parks.  

Legislation in action: from bill to law to helping people

I recently got to see a direct impact of a bill that I passed in the 2014 session, ensuring manufactured home park residents have a real opportunity to purchase their park if the owner is considering selling. Manufactured home parks are among the This recent OPB story is about Oak Leaf, a manufactured home park in Portland where the homeowner/renters are considering forming a co-op so they can make an offer to buy the park and keep their homes -- instead of the park owner selling to a developer.
Speaking to legislators about passenger rail, at Eugene Depot. Mayor Piercy and UO rep Betsy Boyd talked about the importance to Eugene and UO.
Transportation package for 2017?

A major focus of the 2017 legislative session will be the development of a transportation package to help fund much-needed improvements throughout the state. The legislature established the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization to work on it. The group has been visiting different regions to get an idea for what improvements are needed. Eugene hosted the committee for a day in July.  I was selected as a speaker to discuss the importance of passenger rail as a component of a transportation system. Rail is not about the past, it's not a quaint memory. It's now. We should look to rail - both freight and passenger rail - as a solid and growing part of our future. Statistics support it; land use and environmental goals demand it; the economy requires it. And Oregonians are going to need an alternative to sitting in stalled traffic on an interstate highway!

Olympic team trials-Hayward-Ops_tour
In this building, recording all events for up-to-the-minute review for
officials or competitors.
TrackTown USA on a roll

Hayward field was host to the US Olympic Team Trials for Track & Field, once again showing the world that Oregon can put on high-quality events that showcase everything we have to offer. This makes 9 consecutive years hosting national and international events, with more to come, bringing increased visibility and economic benefit to Lane County. On an operations tour I saw more about how they keep all the wheels in motion for athletes, fans, volunteers, and visitors in the Fan Festival: credentials, food, security, logistics, Red Cross, equipment inspection, massage and medical tent, etc.!  One little-known story about TrackTown is their accomplishment in making a "green" event.  For example, the 2014 IAAF World Junior Track & Field Championships and the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials both received a gold medal from the Council for Responsible Sport (CRS). They partner with UO and the City of Eugene on a number of efforts, including waste management and bus transportation; maximize local-sourced food and ingredients; and added water bottle refill stations around the site.
Public health, our health
"Sitting is the new smoking" 

Have you heard this phrase already? New studies that have emerged over the past few years are showing the negative impacts a sedentary lifestyle can have on a person's health. Prolonged sitting has been tied to increased risk of colon and endometrial cancer, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and cardiovascular disease. Our Lane County Public Health Officer sent me this article on the epidemiology of sitting. After collecting data from nearly 50,000 adults aged 18-65 years from 20 countries, the researchers came to some interesting conclusions. The median number of sedentary minutes per day was 300, or 5 hours per day. Those with higher education levels tended to have higher sitting times than those with a high school education or less. Younger people (18-39) were more likely to have higher sitting times than adults (40-65).  And I'll add, from my own observation, it seems that sitting (and the choice of chair and work surface heights and angles) affects posture, with muscle and skeletal impacts leading to discomfort, pain, and sometimes long term consequences. Standing desks are recognized by more and more employers as offering health benefits to their employees when used correctly. And fitness trackers can be helpful since they remind the wearer to be more active.
Around Eugene
A few of the enjoyable site visits I've made, between numerous meetings by phone, in offices, and coffee shops:

Nemametrix lab
Nemametrix lab in downtown Eugene.
Nemametrix is a young start-up biotech company, with origins in UO research, making a tool for testing the effects of drugs or toxins, using nematodes.
and in Salem

Olympic Team Trials race walk
Olympic Team race walkers
Olympic Team Trials racewalk
Olympic Team race walkers

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