Visiting urban search and rescue training
Nancy observing an Urban Search & Rescue Training. OWIN funds will allow emergency personnel state wide to communicate with each other, so crews, like these firefighters, can do their jobs faster and save lives.

November 2008



At the Capitol




The Emergency Board met in late September to consider budget adjustments, spending requests and requests to submit federal grant proposals.  The most noteworthy actions authorized: five more bank examiners to assure the continued strength of Oregon-chartered banks; $4 million in additional funds for scholarships to help people afford college tuition and prepare for better-paying jobs; support to eradicate a huge grasshopper infestation in Eastern Oregon threatening the agriculture industry; launch of the first phase of construction for the Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network, which will better enable public safety agencies around our state to communicate during emergency situations; and a renewable energy project to create biofuels from grass straw grown in Oregon rather than from corn imported from other states.  The Rainy Day Fund and Education Stability Fund remain untouched.


State Employees Excel in Commuter Challenge


Reducing energy use - especially non-renewable fuel and electricity - continues to be a priority of mine, so I was pleased to see the recent success of the Governor's State Employee Commuter Challenge.  This challenge did not create a new state transportation benefit or program, but rather encouraged state employees to use the current options available to them, such as biking, walking, carpooling or using mass transit to commute work.  State employees in the Salem area were able to reduce their carbon emissions by nearly 600,000 pounds and save an estimated $125,118 in gas money over the summer by simply altering their commute for a few days each week.  My own Legislative Assistant has enjoyed the bike ride to the office and hopes to continue riding through the fall.


The success of the Commuter Challenge supports the State's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and is a part of the Governor's Transportation Initiative.  A central focus of the initiative is to arm Oregonians with information about ways to reduce their carbon emission, including helping local governments expand transportation options for Oregonians' interested in reducing their drive-alone commutes.  I will look forward to seeing how this effort will help commuters in Eugene save money and streamline their commutes.


Around our State


Financial Information website launched to aid Oregonians


To assist Oregonians worried about the security of their finances, the State recently launched a website designed to answer questions for consumers concerned about bank accounts and insurance policies.  The website, available at, addresses common questions about bank and credit union deposits, insurance policies, brokerage accounts, mortgages, and other investment areas.  The site also includes links to state and federal financial regulators and other resources. 


I hope that you find this resource valuable and would appreciate hearing any other ideas you might have about information that the state could provide to better serve your family during uncertain economic times. 



In the District


Acting to Curb Metal Theft


Metal theft has been in the news almost weekly here in Eugene.  In the last month or two we've read about stolen wire that left hundreds of homes in a central Eugene neighborhood without phone service for two days; lights out on a section of the Willamette river trail; another $10,000 to replace the underground wire that left Amazon park ball fields without lights, and canceled the end of season games; and tens of thousands of dollars to replace copper wire at electric substations. 


We need to toughen penalties and dry up the market to make it harder to sell the stolen metal goods.  I'm proposing legislation that says no more paying cash on the spot, and mailing a check instead; tougher penalties for theft of metal from utilities and theft that interferes with public safety; and having a photographic record of the seller with the material they're selling.


Additional Housing for Veterans Opens in our Community


The Oregon Housing and Community Services department and the State Housing Council recently approved additional funding for affordable housing, including funds to help St. Vincent de Paul build affordable housing for veterans with special needs.


Affordable housing funds have a multiplier effect, in that every dollar contributed by the state yields five to seven dollars of additional investment.  So, this small, but important project will provide both needed help for veterans and a positive economic impact.



Youth Mural Project
Nancy enjoyed the opportunity to leave my mark at the Youth Mural Project at WestTown on 8th apartments.

Meetings and Visits


Another sampling of activities, meetings or events attended from the past few weeks:  Eugene 08 Volunteer Celebration; Youth Mural Project at WestTown on 8th apartments; American Lung Association; American Heart Association; Eugene International Film Festival Award Presentation; Sheldon High School Principal for a Day; UO Explore Oregon; Oregon Connections Telecommunications Conference; Senior and Disabled Services Advisory Council Legislative Forum; EC CARES regarding early childhood education; I-5/Beltline Flyover Ribbon Cutting; Healthcare for All-Oregon and Archimedes monthly meeting; Urban Search and Rescue training.

Personal Note


I'm starting to gear up for the 2009 session already, waiting to hear which committees I'll be serving on, and working with Jessica Criser, my legislative assistant, on preliminary legislative concepts. I have my new office assignment now, and am pleased to let you know that it is NOT the closet shown a previous newsletter!


  Nancy Nathanson

Nancy Nathanson
State Representative, District 13

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