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District 13

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For Immediate Release February 16, 2012

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News Release


Nathanson Bill Gets Tough on Property Crime

Proposal Unifies State Laws to Protect Businesses and Individuals from Gold and Metal Theft


SALEM - Thieves in Oregon will have a harder time selling stolen gold and silver under a bill passed by the Oregon House today.  HB 4108, introduced by Rep. Nancy Nathanson (D- Eugene) creates a statewide baseline standard for recording purchases that will bring second hand stores and trade shows in line with current laws governing pawn shops and scrap metal dealers. Currently state law requires pawn shops to record who's selling the item, and what the item is, but is silent on those transactions at other stores.  This gives law enforcement little help in identifying thieves, and tracking down and returning stolen items.

"We went part way in previous sessions to deal with the raft of property crimes and thefts that made victims of small businesses and individual Oregonians across the state. "It shouldn't be easy to steal jewelry and silver and sell it for cash a couple hours later." This bill takes the next step to plug the holes in our system of protections," said Nathanson.

Oregon State Sheriffs' Association President Larry Blanton commended the Legislature's action.  "HB4108 gives law enforcement a new tool for our toolbox for fighting property crimes, especially those related to Oregon's meth epidemic."


HB 4108 requires a standard, statewide seven day holding period for precious metal items sold second hand, and requires buyers to collect identification from those selling the items.  The statewide law will fill in the gaps in what is currently a patchwork of codes in some cities and counties across the state, and leaving the rest of the state unprotected.


"The combination of inconsistent rules throughout the state and high prices for stolen gold and precious metals has created a jackpot for burglars and thieves.  Those days are gone.  With this bill we're standing up for Oregon small businesses, and putting tools in place to protect Oregonians" said Nathanson.