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Representative Nathanson’s Kill-A-Watt Program Goes Statewide

The Energy Trust of Oregon adopts

“Check Out Energy Savings” throughout Oregon


Eugene – Fifty-four libraries statewide have now adopted a simple cost saving and energy efficiency program started in a local Eugene library with the help of Representative Nancy Nathanson. The program is designed to allow free public access to a device that monitors energy usage of home appliances.


The problem is simple:  Many household appliances, especially older ones, consume large amounts of energy while plugged in but not in use.  The solution: A device known as the Kill-A-Watt energy monitor that measures how much power appliances consume.  This gives people the opportunity to decide for themselves what older appliances should be replaced and what appliances and chargers should be unplugged while not in use.


In 2008 the Eugene Water and Electric Board, partnering with Representative Nathanson and the Eugene Public Library, purchased 15 Kill-A-Watt energy monitors and made them available to library cardholders.  The program was an instant success with all of the monitors being checked out within the first two weeks.  The library soon had to place all of the monitors on the checkout wait list.


“I had the idea while looking to purchase a Kill-A-Watt for my husband,” said Representative Nathanson.  “I thought that all Oregonians should have access to this device that can save them money on their monthly electric bills.  And what better way than to allow people to check out the devices with their library card, just like borrowing a book?” 


With the encouragement of Representative Nathanson, state librarian Jim Scheppke promoted the idea to The Energy Trust of Oregon. The program was then adopted by the Energy Trust and appropriately named Check Out Energy Savings. “This was a wonderful idea that I am so happy to see go statewide,” said State Librarian Jim Scheppke. “I am grateful to Representative Nathanson for coming up with the idea, to the Eugene Public Library and EWEB for pilot testing it, and to the Energy Trust of Oregon for being willing to make Kill-A-Watts available in libraries throughout Oregon.”


The energy monitors are now available at 54 public libraries throughout the state. “We are excited that such a simple, common sense cost and energy savings program is gaining steam,” said Representative Nathanson.  “I hope that this program will enable all Oregonians to become more energy efficient and at the same time, help consumers save on their electric bill.”