Nancy with staff, Tim and Adam




This is the first newsletter in a series that I’ll be sending to let you know about the key issues that I’m working on and important events in the legislature. If you would rather not receive these email messages, you can easily opt out by clicking the “get off all our lists instantly” option at the bottom of this message.

We have just completed the first month of the 2007 legislative session, and things are off to an encouraging start, and a fast pace. January was a whirlwind: from setting up shop in the Capitol and drafting bills to meeting with constituents and lawmakers, our office has been alive with activity.

I have been appointed Vice-Chair of the Full Joint Ways and Means Committee, as well as serving on the Human Services and Public Safety subcommittees. Ways and Means is essentially the budget committee for the state legislature, and is in charge of allocating money to all state agencies and writing the final budget for the state. 

In addition to my work on Ways and Means, I have already submitted bill requests to:

  • Increase funding for drug courts and treatment
  • Crack down on drug houses
  • Encourage collaboration among public safety agencies to be more effective in reducing crime
  • Clean up and enhance the Willamette River and the river corridor
  • Open up health insurance rate review to public scrutiny
  • Protect and assist mobile home park residents

Two other priority issues are already being discussed: creating a rainy day fund to increase the state's finalcial stability in tough times; and ensuring that all Oregon children will have access to healthcare. I believe that these are critical issues facing the state.

As your representative, I want to be responsive to your needs. My two staff persons will be helping throughout the session with legislative and constituent service:  Tim Inman, a native of Lane County and OSU graduate, and Adam Walsh, a recent UO grad who grew up in Eugene.  Please feel free to contact my office at 503-986-1413, or

February 2007