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Legislator PhotoRepresentative Mike Nearman

Republican - District 23 - Independence

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1423
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-378, Salem, Oregon 97301


Mike Nearman was raised in Oregon and attended Jesuit High School in Portland.   After graduating from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he returned to Oregon to help with the family office furniture business.  Almost too late in life, he completed a degree in Computer Science from Western Oregon University, confirming once and for all that he is now educated beyond his intelligence.

He's held a variety of jobs.  He has been a cab driver, a dishwasher, a grave digger, a computer support technician, a mover, a call center supervisor (as in "can I speak to your supervisor?"), and most recently a software engineer.  Adding State Legislator to his resume means that there is pretty much no way that it will fit on a single page anymore.

Mike lives with his wife Debby, two dogs, a handful of sheep, a bunch of chickens on a single acre between West Salem and Independence.  He has two wonderful grown daughters and is suspiciously fond of describing them as "employed".  He would have had a better sense of humor if only his daughters had encouraged him by laughing at his jokes more often.

He loves waterfowl hunting and can be seen in the winter time patrolling the Willamette river in a kayak in a quest for ducks and geese.

He has a love for politics and policy that has been a driving force for him all his life.  He's actively campaigned for candidates and ballot measures.  He served as the Chair of the Polk County Republican party and is still active as a precinct committee person.  He's a member of the Board of Directors of Oregonians for Immigration Reform and serves on the Central School District Budget Committee.  Mostly, he's just another citizen.

He believes in the Constitution and the rule of law process that it provides for the greatest country in time and space, which is America.  He believes that the country belongs to those that show up.  Most of all, he is truly open to all who are passionate about upholding what is just and right and fair, regardless of their political stripe, and if he and they cannot find agreement, at least they can celebrate their passion.

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