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 Communications Director


Olsen is Oregon's energy policy Nostradamus

SALEM, Ore.-In 2016, state Sen. Alan Olsen, R-Canby, mounted a fight against out-of-control energy regulations proposed by the restrictive renewable portfolio standard and refuted claims made by Democrats that their regulations would "create jobs" in Oregon. 

Olsen said in a Floor speech that the Oregon renewable portfolio standard system and Oregon taxpayers would end up paying for investments and jobs in other states. He argued that Democrat claims "green jobs" would be created here in Oregon would most likely not occur, at not to near the degree promised. 

PacifiCorp filed a new long-term resource plan Tuesday with regulators that leans heavily on near-term investments in renewable energy. Most of this, Wyoming wind power. 

The initial $3.5 billion expansion will take place in the next four years and includes "re-powering" 900 megawatts of its existing wind turbines in Wyoming, according to The Oregonian

Olsen, proven right, released the following statement:

"I look like the energy policy Nostradamus here. The Democrats promised all these green jobs in Oregon, well where are they? They're in Wyoming like I warned last year. Oregon taxpayers and ratepayers are getting screwed."


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