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Energy Facility Siting Council Work Group


 Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC)

Work Group Charge

The Energy Facility Siting Council is responsible for overseeing the development of large electric generating facilities, high voltage transmission lines, gas pipelines, radioactive waste disposal sites, and other projects. State-level oversight of energy facilities helps ensure that Oregon has an adequate energy supply while protecting Oregon's environment and public safety. The Energy Facility Siting Council has seven members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Oregon Senate.    

The EFSC Work Group has been established to review issues and concerns regarding public participation in the site certificate application and certificate amendment processes. The work group will undertake the following responsibilities outlined in House Bill 3166A – 2017:


1. Review the statutes and regulations that govern the jurisdiction of the Energy Facility Siting Council and, upon such review, develop recommendations regarding:

a. Proposed changes to what constitutes an "energy facility," as that term is defined in ORS 469.300 (11)(a)(A)(iii), (D) and (J), that may serve to better align the jurisdiction of the council with the needs and interests of this state and local governments;

b. Ways to improve public participation in the energy facility siting process; and

c. Ways to expedite the process for receiving a site certificate for constructing or expanding an energy facility subject to the jurisdiction of the council.

2. The work group will develop recommendations for defining or otherwise clarifying in statute the term "single energy facility" as related to energy facilities as defined in ORS 469.300 (11)(a)(D) and (J), in order to better clarify when an electric power generating plant that produces power from solar photovoltaic, geothermal or wind energy qualifies as an "energy facility" for purposes of ORS 469.300 to 469.563, 469.590 to 469.619, 469.930 and 469.992.

 Workgroup Chair- Senator Alan Olsen SD 20 

Work group agendas and meeting materials will be posted on the respective meeting dates. Staff contact information is below:  


Beth Patrino | Policy Analyst                      Isabel Hernandez | Committee Assistant          Tony Miller | Legislative Assistant

Legislative Policy and Research Office        Legislative Policy and Research Office                Chief of Staff Senator Alan Olsen SD 20

Oregon State Capitol                                  Oregon State Capitol                                           Oregon State Capitol

900 Court St NE Rm. 347                             900 Court St NE Rm. 347                                     900 Court St NE S. 425 

Salem, OR 97301                                         Salem, OR 97301                                                  Salem, OR 97301

503-986-1751                                              503-986-1510                                                       503-986-1720  


The EFSC Work Group meeting date has changed from Oct. 24th to

Next Scheduled Meeting:  Cancelled ...TBA

Location: State Capitol Building-  Hearing Room-C

10/18/18 EFSC Staff Report on Request for CC10/18/2018 
9/28/2018 Comments from Jody McCaffree 9/28/2018 
8/30/2018 LC-Opinion EFSC-Contested Cases Model Rules etc.8/30/2018 
8/24/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert (dated 8-3-18) 1st doc.8/24/2018 
8/24/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert (dated 8-23-18) 2nd Doc.8/24/2018 
7/11/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert7/11/2018 
6/05/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert6/5/2018 
6/04/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert6/4/2018 
6/03/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert6/3/2018 
5/01/18 Comments from Jody McCaffree5/1/2018 
5/01/18 Comments from Lois Barry5/1/2018 
4/30/18  Letter and Attachment from Irene Gilbert4/30/2018 
4/30/18 Letter and Comments from Irene Gilbert4/30/2018 
04/26/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert p24/26/2018 
04/26/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert 4/26/2018 
04/18/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert4/23/2018 
3/27/18 Comments from Jody McCaffree3/27/2018 
3/26/18 Presentation on EFSC and Public Participation (Schell)3/26/2018 
3/26/18 Presentation on the EFSD (Cornett, ODOE)3/26/2018 
3/26/18 Energy Facility ORS and Administrative Rule OAR definitions3/26/2018 
3/20/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert3/26/2018 
3/26/18 Outline of Comments to Task Force on EFSC (Schell)3/26/2018 
3/26/18 Presentation on EFSC and Public Participation (Mabbott)3/26/2018 
2/20/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert -Public Participation & EFSC Rules2/20/2018 
1/16/18 Presentation on the EFSD Rulemaking Process (Cornett, ODOE)1/16/2018 
1/16/18 EFSC Process Flowchart handout from (Sen. Olsen)1/16/2018 
1/16/18 EFSC Standards in Oregon Administrative Rule handout (Sen. Olsen)1/16/2018 
1/13/18 Comments from Irene Gilbert1/13/2018 
11/16/17 Presentation on the Energy Facility Siting Division (Cornett, ODOE)11/16/2017 
11/16/17 Comments from Tom Bender11/16/2017 
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Parking Map for 09/10/18 EFSC Meeting New Location 9/10/2018 10:00 AM 
6/05/18 EFSC Meeting Agenda 6/5/2018 10:00 AM 
05/01/18 EFSC Work Group Meeting Agenda 5/1/2018 10:00 AM 
3/27/2018 EFSC Work Group Meeting Agenda3/27/2018 10:00 AM 
1/16/2018 EFSC Work Group Meeting Agenda1/16/2018 10:00 AM 
11/16/2017 EFSC Work Group Meeting Agenda11/16/2017 10:00 AM