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Senator Alan Olsen

Senator Alan Olsen - Republican - District 20 - Canby

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1720Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-425, Salem, Oregon 97301

District Phone: 503-266-4599 - District Address: 675 NW 2nd St. PO Box 820 Canby Or. 97013

Email:  - Website:


Member of the Oregon Global Warming Commision 

collapse Year : 2019 ‎(2)
Legislation that Prioritizes Illegal Criminals Over Law-Abiding Citizens Passes Senate on Party Line Vote6/12/2019 12:24 PM 
Senator Alan Olsen Statement on Collective Bargaining Bill6/6/2019 2:10 PM 
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(2)
Problems With SB 1507 Cap & Trade 2/28/2018 1:40 PM 
List of Potentially Regulated Entities Under SB 1070 Cap & Trade2/28/2018 11:50 AM 
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(9)
Salem's priorities are twisted6/27/2017 9:37 AM 
Olsen is Nostradamus in OR4/5/2017 2:13 PM 
OLSEN: Shadowy ETO deserves frequent audits4/3/2017 2:10 PM 
HB 2020 fails to correct problems at Energy Dept3/28/2017 3:07 PM 
Senate cheers cider industry3/28/2017 2:05 PM 
SB 96 is an unnecessary mandate3/9/2017 4:16 PM 
So-called "clean diesel" bill is dirty politics3/9/2017 4:15 PM 
Veterans need modernized property tax exemption3/2/2017 2:03 PM 
"Education First" package introduced: $9.5B+ for schools & more...2/20/2017 1:55 PM 
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(1)
Senator Alan Olsen Calls for Action Following Department of Energy Audit9/23/2016 3:01 PM 
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(4)
"Save-a-Lynx" Bill on its Way to Governor2/19/2014 4:15 PM 
Veteran’s service animal may be saved2/13/2014 11:54 AM 
Olsen work on transparency earns a victory on opening day2/4/2014 11:14 AM 
Olsen Work on Transparency Earns a Victory on Opening Day2/3/2014 2:00 PM 
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(14)
Olsen Fought for Veterans, Environment, Jobs, Classrooms in 2013 Session7/8/2013 12:00 PM 
Democrats Block Attempt to Add More Transparency to Legislative Process7/3/2013 12:00 PM 
Senate Passes Olsen Bill Granting Veterans Access to In-State Tuition Rates6/10/2013 12:00 PM 
Senate Takes First Step Towards Transparency at Non-Governmental Agency5/28/2013 12:00 PM 
Trio of Bills Protect Oregon Rivers and Ocean5/14/2013 12:00 PM 
Rep. Kennemer and Sen. Alan Olsen Schedule Joint Town Hall Meeting5/3/2013 12:00 PM 
Olsen Cautions Against Sales Tax4/15/2013 12:00 PM 
Committee Hears Olsen Proposal to Increase Legislative Oversight of Energy Trust of Oregon4/10/2013 12:00 PM 
nate Committee Considers GOP Job-Boosting Legislation4/8/2013 12:00 PM 
Olsen Proposes In-State Tuition for Veterans3/25/2013 12:00 PM 
Olsen Bill Would Protect Public Safety Funds3/12/2013 12:00 PM 
Olsen Veteran’s Bill Approved by Senate2/26/2013 12:00 PM 
Alan Olsen Will Focus on Job Creation and Energy for 2013 Session2/7/2013 12:00 PM 
Olsen Appointed to Veterans, Natural Resources Legislative Committees1/4/2013 12:00 PM 

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