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Last week, the committees started the process of public hearings and work sessions on the bills which were filed pre-session; equating to about 1,700 bills. February 25th is the last day to submit legislation without using a priority bill. After that date, it is projected there will be around 3,000-5,000 bills to work through the remainder of the session.

Typically, my office starts working with Legislative Counsel to craft legislation six plus months prior to the start of each session. Upon drafting, if I am content with the concept, I gather signatures from other legislators in support of the measure and file it with the Chief Clerk's Office, who then assigns a bill number to the concept. Once the bill is assigned to a committee, public hearings and work sessions are scheduled. If the bill passes out of the assigned committee, it will go to the floor for a vote, and then onto the Senate to repeat the process and to the Governor's desk. It's a very complex process, and often not nearly as easy to pass legislation as one might think.

Speaking of legislation, below is a small review of some measures I've been working on that had a public hearing this week.

In 2011, the legislature passed HB 3039, which created a pathway for families to request a Highway Memorial sign for officers killed in the line of duty via House Concurrent Resolution (HCR). This year, our office received two sign requests, and thus HCR 4 and HCR 10 were crafted.


Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Lee Shoop was born in 1947 with his twin sister, Janet in Nebraska. They were adopted by Oregonian's Mona and Charles Shoop and just three days after their birth the twins were placed on a train to Oregon.

Officer Shoop graduated from David Douglas High School. He began working the night shift part-time as a reserve sheriff for Estacada, and later graduated from the Police Academy in 1978. Working at the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Officer Shoop was killed in the line of duty when he was hit by a drunk driver at the young age of 34.

Officer Shoop was married and had three children. He loved being in law enforcement and protecting communities.

 HCR 10

Born in 1962, Officer Thomas Jeffries graduated from Estacada High School followed by the University of Oregon in 1987, graduating with magna cum laude. Shortly after, Officer Jeffries served as a reserve deputy for the Polk County Sheriff's Office. In 1991, he took a position as a corrections officer at the Oregon State Penitentiary. A year later, Officer Jeffries was appointed to the Portland Police Bureau. Along the way, he married the love of his life, Vicki Cahill.

On July 20th, 1997, Officer Jeffries was on patrol, covering another officer who had stopped a suspect vehicle in connection with the shooting of a seven-year-old boy. The suspect ran behind a nearby house, and Jeffries, in pursuit of the suspect was fired upon and fatally wounded.

In making the ultimate sacrifice for his community, he left behind his pregnant wife, who had their son just a little over two months after Jeffries' death. 

I am proud to have former law enforcement officers, Rep. Jeff Barker, Rep. Wayne Krieger, and Rep. Carla Piluso as Chief Sponsors. We are working with the families and the Speaker's Office to schedule HCR 4 and HCR 10 for a floor vote on February 25th as we honor these two men for their service.


Jobs and the Economy

Although the unemployment numbers are down, many Oregon middle class residents are still hurting and unable to find stable full-time jobs. I want to make it easier, not more difficult for businesses to prosper in Oregon. The links below are articles describing difficulties a local business in Tangent is having because of a labor dispute at the Port of Portland. Unfortunately, this crisis has been ongoing for nine months! It's been going on so long that Hanjin has terminated their shipping with the Port of Portland, costing Oregonian's jobs and business.


Recently, I signed onto a letter encouraging the Congressional Delegation to help speed up the process of the contract negotiation. You can help by writing your US Senator and Congressman. For more information, click here and here


As always, feel free to contact my office with any questions or concerns.


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