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How an Idea Becomes Law

Do you have questions about how a bill becomes a law? Then, you may find the below chart interesting and helpful.  Some call it a simple version of the Oregon Legislative process but as you can see, nothing about it is very simple or quick! For more information click on the below image.



          HB 3014 - Grandparents' Rights          

Over the course of serving as your State Representative, I have heard some heart breaking stories from grandparents regarding their grandchildren. Often, in today's society, many difficult situations arise which cause a need to revise current statutes.

HB 3014 changes the definition of a "grandparent" to ensure the legal rights of a child's grandparents are not automatically revoked when the rights of the child's parents are revoked. Current law excludes grandparents as parties in the child's dependency proceedings if parents rights have been terminated. 

Changing the legal definition of a grandparent will now ensure grandparents have the unquestionable legal right to be notified and be heard in dependency proceedings and visitation requests and rights.

On Monday of this week, HB 3014 was passed out of the House Chamber unanimously!


         Child Abuse Prevention Center

Yesterday, HB 2234 unanimously passed on the House Floor, allowing the state to reimburse centers for medical assessments and treatment.


Currently, the law does not cover reimbursements of Oregon's community-based Child Abuse Intervention Centers (CAIC), making it difficult for these centers to decide how many children they can treat and what kind of treatment they can cover financially. HB 2234 clarifies the billing codes, allowing for the state's reimbursement of the vital services these centers provide to treat and prevent child abuse. In other words, CAIC will receive increased and adequate funding.


As reported by the House Republican Press Release, there were nearly 11,000 confirmed victims of child abuse in Oregon in 2013, with evidence suggesting many more unconfirmed or unreported cases of abuse. The 21 CAICs of Oregon provide critical medical services and treatment - both physical and mental - to children of all backgrounds who are victims of abuse. Their services range from conducting medical exams and forensic interviews to offering child counseling, family support, prevention classes, support groups and victim advocacy.


In House District 15, the ABC house will be positively affected by this bill. It's important to protect our youth and provide a safe environment for them to turn to.


                       Teen Pregnancy

The Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services approved a request to apply for a federal grant to establish  a teen pregnancy prevention program.  With the approval of this grant, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will receive federal funds of up to $750,000 a year for five years, beginning

July 1, 2015.


What I found interesting is, there are three counties who have experienced high teen birth rates. The agency will focus their efforts on those counties which are Baker, Malheur and Harney counties. 


The OHA mission is to help people and communities achieve optimal physical,  mental, and social well-being. Preventing teen pregnancies promotes education achievement and assumes healthier planned births later in life. This grant will help reduce teenage pregnancies in our rural communities with the greatest needs. 


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